You can still qualify for the Premier League!

February 9, 2018 11:51

After proudly introducing our very own C-Ops Ladder, the one place where you can really put your name (and your aim) under the spotlight, we see new players competing hard for the first place every day.

We felt like there can be a lot more to a ladder than its original purpose, which is why we've decided to revamp the system and turn it into one of the ways to earn a spot in the C-Ops Winter Season Group Stage.

Scrims are fun and all, but at some point you just need something at stake to push you to do your best. So how does the title of a C-Ops Champion sound?

How about a 6000 dollar prize pool?

With Winter Season just around the corner this is the last chance to qualify for the Premier League.

And yes, you’ve still got a shot!

Let’s take a look at each region and see which ones are still there for the taking.


Asia eagerly awaits the final results with "iFM" and "Awakened" in the lead. We can recognize one of Asia's best, "No Mercy", in the third place.

However, they are also awaiting their match in the semifinals of Winter Season Qualifiers, so they might qualify either way.


Moving to Europe, "WLGaming Esports" holds the first place at the moment, followed by "Sky2Fly C-OPS" with only 11 points difference. "[SDT] Syndicate" follows strong, putting the pressure on both top teams, and making our prediction work harder.

Remember, each team starts off with 1200 points meaning that the only boundary between you qualifying for this year's Winter Season may lie in that one game you still haven't played.


While we're on the subject of not playing, South Africa and North America aren't giving us much to hold on to as SA shows up with Screen Shot and "MILÍCIA - FPS MOBILE" just barely hanging in there without any active competitors.

There’s your chance!


Last but not least - North America. Where you at?!

Barely a week before the end of the Qualification period, NA is nowhere to be seen.

What that means for you is that you just might be one win away from qualifying and taking on the top teams such as "Gankstars".

In other words, everything is possible and nothing is set just yet. If you are thinking about trying to qualify for the Group Stages, you can still do it.

Remember, the qualification period lasts five more days, ending on February 14th. That gives you plenty of time to compete and earn your spot in the big leagues.

Wouldn’t a date with the best teams in your region be the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise?

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