xSpear: MFA can defeat any European team

July 14, 2018 16:38

Team Mullet Mafia (MFA) definitely turned some heads when they’ve beaten some respectable teams during the „Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring Playoffs“.

Now they're only 2 matches away from qualifying to the Valiance Summer Season Group Stage.

We wanted to find out more about them and understand the main reason behind their recent success, so we had a chat with their leader and the senior manager of the team – „xSpear“.

Enjoy the interview!

Hi xSpear, can you please introduce the members of your team and their roles.

The clan owner is „Helleyes“.

Moving into the clan leadership, there is „Clipper“ in charge alongside „Broken“ and me ("xSpear").

Lxndvr“ is the clan manager who deals with all our outer affairs.

The following are our player:

- Clipper

- Doctor

- Cynoca

- Vnxtro

- Yourix

- Cyber

- Atik

- AdamB

- Legion

In „Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring Playoffs“ you've managed to accomplish an extraordinary feat, as you’ve made it to the Grand Finals. You defeated „Lunatix“, „WLG Gaming“ and „IFM“ on your way there.  

Unfortunately, you lost against „Kings Demise“ in the finals, but that is nothing to be ashamed of as they're one of the top Asian teams.

Can you walk us through the tournament and tell us the main reason behind your success?

First of all, I'm really proud of what my team has accomplished.

I'm not ashamed by saying that my team reached the Grand Finals without practicing for the tournament, which is my job as their coach, but things went sideways where they restarted all brackets and made us play all in 1 day.

All that the team had was their scrim practice and our chemistry, which made us beat „Lunatix“, „WLG“, and „iFM“.

Now regarding Kings match like you said they are top Asian Clan and they have a longer history of tournaments than us.

That mattered a lot, because we didn't practice our positions on maps and strategies to penetrate CT side with.

Hopefully we will get enough practice to bring the win home next time.

Well played for all teams that participated.

Now, you are one of the favorites to advance from the Qualifiers.

There’s a big chance you are going to fight against „Team Viral“ for a spot in the Group Stage.

Would you say your team is a stronger team and is going to win the match?

Well, this match is going to be a pretty harsh one, we've scrimmed against "Team Viral" many times and had both wins and losses.

It will be a hard match but we will make sure to give our best from our practices to qualify and may the better team win.

If you make it to the Group Stage, you will meet „Nova eSports“, „Team Elevate“, „Dynasty“ and „SetToDestroyX“.

Do you think your team is be able to win maps or even series against such top tier teams?

No matter how many wins the other teams achieved, I played lots of games with my team and I'm sure they can defeat any European clan around.

I'm not saying we are #1 as it differs from time to time but hopefully this Valiance season will make things clear.

What is your team’s goal in the next 6 months?

The goal of MFA for the future is to achieve things we've never dreamed of.

This team started with a bunch of players and now we ended up being among the top list of EU clans and we are still trying and achieving more and more fame and success.

So looking into 6 months of teamwork, practice, and hard work I believe that MFA will be known all around for the achievements and successes we will gain.

Is there something you wish to tell the Critical Ops community or to the people that are following your team?

Indeed I wanna thank all of the people who joined us, supported us, and all the ex MFA players that helped us get here because if we didn't have you guys we wouldn't be so encouraged to keep going and trying our best to make our supporters proud.

So thanks for every and each one of you who made us reach here and cheers to all the other clans that we compete against and we hope the best for all. <3


The team seems to be very motivated and they have set some high goals for themselves.

However, if you work hard and really want something, it's possible to achieve it.

We wish Mullet Mafia (MFA) best of luck and we hope that they will reach their goals!

You can follow them at - @MafiaMfa

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