VPG Coach xDjiNN comments the recent changes.

January 30, 2022 19:13

Concerning the recent changes in Valiance ProGame roster, we spoke with the team coach Ilias "xDjiNN" Levantis. As you may have heard, sub Ivan "Paladin" Delač will step in for the next round of matches, while ADC Maya "Caltys" Henckel will take some time off. 

VPG: How are you satisfied with gameplay and results so far?

xDjiNN: The truth is I am not happy with the results but I believe in the process and I think we will bounce back soon.

VPG: What are the reasons behind the change?

xDjiNN: The main reason behind this move, is that we wanted to change the whole mood of the team and the way the team communicates and plays. Paladin was already a sub and I thought this change could work and we can have the results and performance we wanted. I have to mention though that, this change isn't permanent.

VPG: Why did you decide to change ADC?

xDjiNN: As I already mention this move isn't permanent. We already had a sub available (Paladin) and we wanted to change mood/playstyle and communication in team to see if we can perform better.  Everyone didn't perform to the level we wanted including Caltys and the rest of the players of course.  My thought was that I didn't want to sign new players, but try to cover issues and find solutions with what we already have in team.

VPG: What is in store for the future of Valiance ProGame?

xDjiNN: Despite the rough start, we can bounce back and the future can look bright. Working hard and fixing our issues can get us in the top of the league and qualifying for EUM. Our players have insane talent and potential and it's only matter of time until we unlock it.

Next match will be played on Monday, 31st of January, when we will face off Auxesis Esports. We wish the whole team best of luck!


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