WLG: A European team on the rise

July 9, 2018 13:40

The Critical Ops European scene is in a interesting spot right now.

No team has won multiple events in a row for quite some time now, which means there’s a healthy competition for the number one spot and no clear top dog at the moment.

This should make the upcoming season even more exciting than usual.

We Love Gaming eSports are currently competing in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers, and they are one of the favorites to earn a spot in the Group Stage.

But that’s not where their ambitions end.

In order to catch up with them, and to find out the reason behind their latest string of great results, we decided to talk with one of their players – xyz.

Without further ado, here is the interview!

Hello xyz, could you please introduce your team and your players to us?

Before we were playing in the competitive scene, we were a clan which was based in Turkey, but after our team got picked up by We Love Gaming eSports, we moved to the EU scene.

We got so many talented players on our roster;







The current roster didn’t change nearly for 7 months and it easily explains why our team's spirit is excellent.

We mostly focus on teamwork instead of technique based play style.

All of the players are Turkish, with the exception of  "xyz", who is Azerbaijani.

This doesn't create an issue since we still talk in Turkish while we're playing.

What is your opinion on the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers format (best of one) and do you think this fits your team better than playing the best-of-three in each match?

We think that this is a good decision and it doesn't really affect our team.

Your team is one of the strongest teams that is taking part in the qualifiers.

Who do you consider as a threat in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers and why?

We respect every opponent.

This is a skill-based game, and everything can happen.

However we got our spot in the competitive scene, and it makes us act more professionally against our every opponent.

We consider Team Viral as a threat because they got a good roster.

With the recent recruitment of "Prolord" into the team, it got even better.

We wish them the best of luck!

In the „Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring 2018 Playoffs“ you were able to top your group and beat a well known European team in the playoffs – „SetToDestroyX“.

Can you walk us through that match and also tell us what a victory like this means for you?

It was a really exciting game for both teams.

But in the end, we won the match.

Our team was well-prepared, and we analyzed StDx very well.

So, as a result, we won.

After that, we received a default loss due to some conflicting schedule so we got eliminated from the competition.

I think this proves that we are on the right track in order to achieve success after beating a well known and feared top European team.

Do you feel like you guys deserved a direct invite to the Group Stage based on your recent results?

It's your decision to invite the team which you want to see in the Group Stage, but I think we deserved a direct an invite!

Looking at the European scene, it's not clear which team is the number one at the moment, since both Nova eSports and Team Elevate changed their rosters.

Who do you see as the team that has the highest potential to take the crown?

It's a good question.

The Europe scene is interesting.

Of course we definitely respect Nova eSports and Team Elevate, but to be honest, it's too hard to answer this question.

Here is my answer on the current standing;

1. Nova eSports

2. Vision Gaming

3. Team Viral

4. WeLoveGaming

5. Team Elevate

What are you objectives as a team in the near future?

Our main objective at the moment is to reach Valiance Summer League semifinals and to try our best to win the whole event.

Is there something you wish to say to your fans or the Critical Ops community in general?

Keep supporting us!

Because we get our motivation to play from you guys,

Also, remember to join WLG discord to be part of our ever-growing community!

We hope that team WLG is going to achieve their goals, and we are sure they are going to make some noise if they make it to the Group Stage.

You can follow WLg at - @WLG_Cops

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