Who got invited to the C-Ops Winter Season?

January 26, 2018 12:09

With Critical Ops Winter Season Open Qualifiers already on their way,  it is time to announce which teams will receive the direct invite to the Group Stages in different regions.


Team Elevate is without a doubt the number one team in the region.

They have proved that by winning the C-Ops Summer Season, and also by taking the second place in the C-Ops Autumn Season.

Surprisingly, during the previous season, Elevate announced that their team would disband after the tournament, and they still performed on the highest level, reaching the finals.

Recently, they announced their return. They kept most of the players from their previous roster, but also acquired "Angel", which looks to be a great move.

The team seems to be stronger than ever right now.

Nova eSports is the second invited team to the group stages.

They showed great promise in their debut season and proved that they can compete with the region’s finest.

With the likes of „Naarkz“ and „not smokez“ being the driving force of the team, we see them going far in the upcoming season.

North America

Gankstars are currently the superstar team of the Critical Ops, and also a team that everyone looks up to.

They have won the Critical Ops Winter Season in a convincing fashion, proving that they are the number one team at the moment.

The rest of the teams in the North American region will definitely need to step up their game if they wish to compete with Gankstars.

D2R ended up second in the C-Ops Autumn Season.

For some, their performance was a mixed bag as most expected better results judging by their roster.

Still, they are the number two team in the region, and with some time to work with, „J7“ should be able to fix the flaws in their team play.

We are excited to see what they can bring to the table this time around.


LEFP (Learn from Past) is a force to be reckoned with in the Asian region. They won all of the matches in the last season.

However, they did get disqualified from the season, as they used players which were not allowed to take part in the matches.

CSPG Immortals ended up third in the Valiance Autumn Season, but only after New Era Team got disqualified for using ineligible players.

Teamplay seems to be the main problem of their team, and they are trying everything to fix that in the upcoming period.

On top of that, they seem very motivated and will try their best to get that number one spot in the region.

South America

Nerds in Arms are still the best known team in the South American region.

After a long period of dominance, they did show some weaknesses in the previous season, and were unable to advance into the playoffs.

Still, their lineup consists of the highly skilled players and they are also a synonym for the South American Critical Ops.

The second invited team for this region is – Insanity Killers.

The leader of the team is „Brgomez“ who is also a former players from Nerds in Arms.

With their sudden rise in the region, they will surely compete for one of the top two places.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with the invited teams.

The Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stage is set to start on the February 17th, giving teams enough time to practice and get ready for some intense battles.

Also let’s not forget that the Open Qualifier begins today (26.01), so make sure to sign up your team if you haven’t yet.

We are already getting excited! And you? What are you thoughts?

Do you dare to predict the winner of the upcoming season?

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