Which teams got invited to Valiance Summer Season?

July 6, 2018 15:08

The qualifiers for Valiance Summer Season started recently and it's going to be a hard-fought battle for any team that wants to advance to the Group Stage.

However, not all of the teams will have to go through the intense elimination matches.

There are some that have already been invited to participate in the Group Stage of our Summer Season.

We invited four teams from each region.

First let’s see the list of teams that have earned their spot because of good Critical Ops Winter Season results:

North America

You really can’t have an event without Gankstars at the moment.

The team has just won the first ever Critical Ops LAN event and they are looking stronger than ever.

They did that without losing a single map, which once again proves they are truly the number one team in the world right now.

Hammers eSports did tremendously well in the Spring Invitational and Critical OPS LAN event.

Both times, they got beaten by Gankstars – once in the semifinals and then in the Grand Finals.

This can happen to anyone.

Their progress in the last several tournaments was impressive and who knows, maybe they will finally defeat Gankstars in the upcoming Summer Season.


Nova eSports won the Critical Ops Winter season.

At the LAN event they had a top-four finish, but they didn't play with their starting lineup, so it will be interesting to see what they can bring to the table during the summer.

Team Elevate is a team that is constantly changing their roster.

Still, they're a top contender and they reigned the European scene for a very long time.

You can never count them out.

They made it to the Grand Finals in the Spring Invitational, but got beaten by CSPG Gaming.


LEFP had a disappointing showing at the Spring Invitational, as they were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Now, they're surely looking to redeem themselves and get back at the top of the Asian scene.

Infamous looked amazing during the Winter Season, however they didn’t play that well during the Spring Invitational.

The team definitely has potential and we expect them to show their A-game during the Summer Season.

The following invites are based on team's latest performance and their presence in the competitive Critical Ops scene:

North America

D2R is a stable competitor in the North America scene.

During the Critical OPS LAN event, we've seen what their players „Kam“ and „Milio“ are capable of.

If had enough time to practice after the recent roster changes, they just might change the North American rankings at the top.

Impreza showed decent gameplay during the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stage, where they won IFL on Grounded.

Their complete lineup isn’t known at this moment, but we won’t be surprised if they perform exceptionally well this season.


Vision Gaming didn't have the best showing at the LAN event as they lost both of the matches in the Group Stage.

Nevertheless, they are a promising team, which features a lot of known players from the scene.

We're looking forward to see what they can do in the upcoming season.

SetToDestroyX has been in the scene for a very long time and it's kind of hard to imagine a European competition without them playing in the tournament.

Their performance at the LAN event wasn't great, but they played against the best two North American teams in the Group Stage, so we can't really blame them.


CSPG Gaming is without a doubt the number one team in Asia at the moment.

Their first place in the Spring Invitational and a top-four finish at the LAN event speak for themselves.

Other Asian teams will have to work hard if they wish to dethrone them.

Kings Demise had some promising results in the Spring Invitational and this is the reason why they earned their invite for the upcoming season.

They are a team which hasn't played together for a very long time when our last event happened, so we expect they have improved a lot in the meantime.

We see them as a top contender in the Summer Season.

Notable mentions

WLG had some good results in the ESL cups and they were the one we considered inviting for the European part of the tournament.

However, they will have to prove themselves in the Valiance events before they join our invite list.

Those are the invites for the Summer Season.

What do you think?

Have we missed anyone?

Let us know in the comments!

The Group Stage part of the tournament is set to being on 28th of July.

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