Meet the newest addition to the Valiance ProGame

July 12, 2022 18:40

We have important news to share! To bring the Valiance ProGame to the top, where we all truly believe it belongs, we decided to make some changes. Luka "King" Kralj will be our starting Jungler instead of Mátyás "Frost" Mátyus for the time being. Changes are never easy but sometimes they are necessary to achieve the results. Nonetheless, Frost was an essential part of our victories as well as losses. 

Our coach Benjamin Blacksky" Wörner gave a bit of an insight on why we decided to make a change.

Why did you decide to make a roster change? 

"The team didn´t have a leader/voice and we had rough times building up synergy and coordinating plays.

What do you think it brought to the team?

"With King, we got a strong voice and a good leader who basically puts together great individual pieces."

Is the VPG peak now higher than with the previous roster?

"I think EBL overall got stronger so it´s hard to tell. The last roster was really strong on individual roles, this one is strong if we work like a unit."

What is the goal for this season? 

"The goal is definitely reaching the playoffs. If we get to the offline final this will be a very big, but achievable dream."

Who will be the opponent of VPG in the finals of the EBL?

"I think the final enemy will be Diamant since they are the only team who managed to beat us twice by now."

But there is still some work to be done before we (hopefully) go into the playoffs. There are still three group stage matches to be played in which we will face Auxesis Esports, Split Raiders, and Cyber Wolves Esports. The team is feeling confident about the upcoming matches. Everything is in our hands! For the detailed EBL, schedule check out the official website.

This is what the ValiancePro Game starting roster looks like: 

David "ArcaneTeddy" Kingston
Luka "King" Kralj
Filip "DIVA" Dadić
Ivan "Paladin" Delač
Johannes "Postkassen" Thuesen

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