Week #4: An unexpected beatdown and a thriller in Asia

March 12, 2018 15:58

The last week of the Asian Group Stage featured a rather disappointing match between the top two teams and a real nail biter between teams fighting for that last playoff spot.

Without further ado, here is what happened in this week's matches.

They came, they saw, they conquered(LEFP vs CsPG Immortals)

Map: Grounded

LEFP showed amazing feel for the game in the first round. As the Terrorists they got the entry frag on the B site, recognized that there is a stack there, rotated over to A-bomb spot and secured the round.

This also allowed them to get the following 2 eco rounds, as CsPG Immortals were unable to do much without the guns.

In the 4th round, LEFP's „Joy“ heroically saved the round for his team, as he was able to defend the A site alone against three players after the bomb plant, further extending his team's lead.

For the next three rounds, LEFP looked impeccable, as „DES1RE“ and „Shame“ got some crucial frags with U-ratio and AK47.

CsPG Immortals finally showed some signs of life in the 8th round, when „NyT“ made a triple kill on the A site, which got his team the first round.

LEFP decided to do a quick B site push in the next round and that worked well for them as „DES1RE“ and „Joy“ got the entry frags for their team.

The economy was not looking good for CsPG Immortals until the end of the half and even though the final round came down to a 1v1, it was LEFP's „Joy“ that prevailed against CSPG's „Stealth“. LEFP finished the half with a convincing and surprising 11:1 lead.

After the side swap, LEFP demonstrated how to make a successful retake on the A-bomb spot, as „DES1RE“ got a double kill in a textbook three versus two retake, bringing his team to the match point.

The last round was no different from the entire match. LEFP got it and took home a dominant 13:1 victory.

A very disappointing match between these two favorites. We expected a thriller between the top two teams of the Asian Group Stages, but got a real beatdown instead.

CsPG Immortals will definitely need to work on their defense on this map if they want to succeed in the playoffs.

Close, but no cigar (Team AyX vs No Mercy)

Map: Grounded

Team AyX kicked off the match on the Counter-Terrorist side and  they decided to stack the B site with four players in the first round.

A good decision, as they easily defended No Mercy's push.

In the next round,  AyX's „Lius“ and „Mill“ made easy work off NM's push, locking down the A site while only losing a single player.

In the third round, No Mercy decided to force buy and push the A site, which worked out for them in the end.

Punn“ was able to win the round by killing both „ojipikoCOP“ and „RecyMk2“ in the 1v2 situation in order to stop the defuse from happening.

The following round featured a heated exchange on the B site, with Team AyX coming out on top, as they were able to get the the fraggs just a bit quicker.

We've seen dominant defense by Team AxY in the next two rounds, and they easily fended off No Mercy's attempts to conquer any of the bomb sites.

In the 7th round, we've seen Nm's „VaTH“ getting a triple kill, with the last two kills being the clutch ones on the A site, which got No Mercy their second point.

AyX's „RecyMk2“ decided to push down the middle in the next round, killing „Ash“, „A17“ and „M4tt“ and grabbing another round for his team.

The remaining rounds of the half also went to Team AyX.

This meant they started the second half with a solid 8 point lead.

Once the sides swapped, No Mercy decided to push as the Counter-Terrorists in the pistol round, which caught Team AyX completely off guard, allowing NoMercy to start the half with a win.

No Mercy also won the following eco round and the first gun round, where we've seen „A17“ step it up big time, getting a triple kill to secure the round.

In the following round, we've seen NM's „M4tt“ repeat the feat from the previous round, as he stopped the push on the B long with a juicy triple kill.

Team AyX won the 18th round with a great push on the A site, all thanks to „RecyMk2“ and „Lius“ which were able to get the very needed entry kills for their team.

Team AyX decided to try the same plan in the next round, but this time No Mercy was ready, as „VaTH“ was able to shut it down with a triple kill before they entered the hangar area on A site.

VaTH“ also turned the tide in the following round, as he yet again scored a triple kill and got the round for his team.

In the 21st round, we've seen Team AyX came to a match point round, as „Mill“ and „4GnaL“ were able to get the entry frags with only pistols.

No Mercy almost lost the game in the next round, but once again we've seen „VaTH“ become the linchpin for team AyX, as he was able to score both kills in the 2v2 situation on the B site.

No Mercy managed to tie the score by winning the next two rounds with solid CT play.

This meant it all came down to the last round.

The deciding round of the match featured an even exchange of frags, with AyX' „Lius“ getting a timely triple kill, securing a win for his team.

VaTH“ had some spectacular plays in this match, but in the end it wasn't enough as AyX managed to hold on to their lead.

Awakened woke up too late (Team AyX vs Awakened)

Map: Legacy

On the Terrorist side, Awakened only won a single round, however, they did look decent on the Counter-Terrorist side, as they were able to get 8 rounds on the board.

Team AyX definitely performed well, but once again they let the game get closer than it should, considering how the first half ended.

Complete domination (Infamous vs Awakened)

Map: Legacy

This is the second time we've seen Awakened on Legacy, and again they've managed to get just a single round on the Terrorist side.

Infamous didn't stop once the sides swapped as they were able to close down the match with a commanding 11 round difference.

This is it for the Asian Group Stage, as playoffs are about to start this week.

Make sure to join us at youtube.com/valiancegg once we go live, so you don't miss any of the matches!

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