Week #3: Matches going down to the wire in SA

March 6, 2018 15:38

The third week of the South American Group Stage featured a lot of close matches, which could have gone either way.

This time, we're changing our recap a bit and will only focus on the most interesting two games.

Here is the best of what we’ve seen this week.

As good as it gets (New Era Team vs Never Believed)

Map: Grounded

New Era Team started the match on the Terrorist side and „mihxwk“ wasted no time in getting a great triple kill and securing the round for his team.

NET won the two following rounds as well, however the first gun round was very close, as NB's „GU4RD1A“ got the double kill with a grenade, but eventually lost a 1v1 duel versus NET's „1MX“ on the B bomb spot.

Never Believed finally got on the scoreboard in the 4th round, as „LiKZiD“ got a triple kill at the start of the round, which allowed them to win it fairly easily.

In the next round, NB showed up again with „LiKZiD“ continuing his stellar performance as he opened the round with a double kill of NET's „1MX“ and „mihxwk“.

The score was tied in the following round as  NET's „VTeraN“ was unable to clutch 1v3.

The next two rounds featured some heated exchanges, and both came down to a 1v1 situation, where we've seen Never Believed getting an upper hand, with „GU4RD1A“ and „Bot-Falido“ winning their duels.

Eventually, the half ended with a tie, promising a thrilling second part of the game.

After the side swap, Never Believed was unable to break NET's solid A site defense and lost the initial round.

The following eco round also went into New Era Team's favor, but Never Believed quickly returned the favor and won the gun round with three opening kills early in the round.

The score was once again tied at 9:9. Neither of the teams allowed the other one to build a substantial lead, and both showed some great plays.

In the 19th round, NET's „PLAYUL“ successfully defended the B site in a 1v2 situation versus „LiKZiD“ and „LukAo NoT Click“ to push his team ahead.

Both teams exchanged some blows again and it all came down to one last round as the score was tied at 12:12.

In the end, it was NET's „VTeraN“ who rose to the occasion. He got a heroic triple kill on B long, which allowed his team to grab the win in this exciting clash.

NET's „mihxwk“ and NB's „GU4RD1A“ were especially impressive in the match, as both had some great moments combined with a solid amount of frags.

Too close for comfort (Insanity Killers vs Screen Shot)

Map: Grounded

Insanity Killers (Terrorist site) began the match with a quick rush on the B site and it worked like a charm, getting them the pistol round.

In the third round, Insanity Killers opted to get two U-ratios for “BrGomes” and “Davyzin”, which helped them extend their led even further.

Even though Screen Shot lost a player at the start of the following round, they finally got on the board thanks to „PrinhO“, who got a quad kill.

Screen Shot suddenly went on a tear and won the next three rounds. Both „Ova SZ“ and „PrinhO“ carried their team with some great plays.

In the 9th round, we've seen a close 2v2 situation on the B bomb spot, which ended up being a 1v1 and SS' „JC DO TREM BALA“ clutched against „JoaoCa“.

Insanity Killers won just one more round until the end of the half as they had problems adjusting their gameplan.

The second part of the game began with a two round lead for Screen Shot.

Once the sides swapped, Screen Shot made a great rotation on their Terrorist pistol round, which got them a point.

Insanity Killers came right back and secured the eco round, thanks to skillful play of „yNotCamp“ and „c0sm0ssj“.

Now it was IK’s time to go on a tear.

They got the momentum and won the next five round in convincing fashion.

Screen Shot struggled to get back into the game until 19th round, when „PrinhO“ and „unk“ were able to get the very needed entry kills for their team to secure a round.

In the following round, Insanity Killers decided to play really aggressively, which didn't work as Screen Shot made an easy hold.

Right after that, we've seen a great hold on B site by Insanity Killers with „BrGomes“ getting a quad kill.

That brought the game to 12:11 for Insanity Killers and they needed just one more round.

They got it when they forced SS’s „Ova SZ“ into a 1v2 situation which he wasn’t able to win and Insanity Killers could start celebrating their hard earned win.

Screen Shot „PrinhO“ has shown that he is a beast of a player in the previous weeks and he continues to impress.

Insanity Killers’ „BrGomes“ also showed some great moves in this match.

Easy game for the favorites (Nerds in Arms vs Screen Shot)

Map: Legacy

In this matchup, we've see some great plays by Nerds in Arms, and they looked really solid overall.

They got 8 round on the Terrorist side, which made it easy to get the win after the half.

SS' „JC DO TREM BALA“ was on point this match, and his performance was amazing, especially when you take into account that his team got outplayed and won only 5 rounds.

NTGaming shows up (New Era Team vs NT Gaming)

Map: Bureau

NTGaming looked rather lackluster so far, but they got a win in the Group Stage against New Era Team.

NTG's „Kines S2“ was the man of the match, as he got a triple kill in a 2v4 retake in the last round.

That's it for this week's matches. Let us know if you enjoyed this new format of two featured games -, we appreciate your feedback. ;)

Next playdays are just around the corner so make sure to tune in to youtube.com/valiancegg once we go live!

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