Week #3 in EU: Kings Uprising out of the league, no other surprises

March 9, 2018 15:55

The announcement that Kings Uprising are leaving the Critical Ops Winter Season European Group Stage made the situation in the group more interesting.

It means that only one team won’t progress to the semi-finals, which gives the bottom two teams something to fight for!

This week we’ve seen one close match, but there were no surprises in this region.

However, we’ve still seen some great plays and really effective defensive strategies.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

Back and forth we go (Nova eSports vs SetTODestroyX)

Map: Bureau

Nova eSports started off the match on the Terrorist side of the map and took the first round, as their patient playstyle allowed „Naarkz-QLF“ and „Grizz90“ to get the entry frags and have the round under control.

In the third round, SetToDestroyX made a huge play with only pistols.

They were able to catch Nova eSports completely off guard and grabbed the round. “Barren's” quad kill really helped them to get the point.

The following round featured a heated exchange on the B bomb spot, however STDxs' „Exo“, „Primza“ and „Overlord“ managed to deflect the push and showed some great defense.

SetToDestroyX was also able to get the next eco round, and the gun round after, as „Overload“ was able to win the 1v1 duel against „Naarkz QLF“ on the B site.

In the 7th round of the game, we've seen some great fakes by Nova eSports after getting the initial entry frag, but even so the round was still close.

GeNes1s“ was able to deny „Primza“ the defuse in the end.

Next round featured a quick B push and even though opening frags went into the favor of Nova eSports, STDx' „Barren” was able to clutch 1v3 and defuse the bomb to grab the round for his team.

In the following three rounds, we've seen some solid defense by SetToDestroyX, which allowed them to further extend their lead.

Nova eSports did get the last round of the half with a solid B site plan, and entered the second half with a four-round deficit.

After the side swap, SetToDestroyX opted to rush the A site, but a stellar retake by Nova eSports and a triple kill by „Dolphin3G“ allowed them to win the round.

SetToDestroyX did lose the next eco round, however they did step it up in the first rifle round, as Nova eSports were unable to stop their B site push.

In the following round, Nova Esports decided to make a risky mix buy and it worked out for them.

Dolphin3G“ double kill helped them a lot with securing another point.

Riding the momentum, Nova eSports got the following five rounds, as SetToDestroyX was unable to break their defensive line. „Grizz90’s“ shotgun play was stellar, as he was getting a lot of early entry frags.

In the 20th round of the match, STDx finally got themselves a round, as „Grizz90“ was unable to win a 1v2 situation on the A site.

After that, Nova eSports had yet another great round on the Counter-Terrorist side.

They were getting kills left and right, needing just one more round to close the match.

SetToDestroyX won the next one, which brought them to 11.

However, Nova eSports didn’t choke and grabbed another round, winning the match with a two-round difference.

Grizz90“ made some memorable plays with the shotgun in this match and if you want to learn how to shut down areas single-handedly on Bureau, you should definitely check out the VOD!

A competitive first half (Elevate vs SKY2FLY)

Map: Canals

SKY2FLY had a great first round on the Counter-Terrorist side, as they were able to retake the A site and defuse the bomb while only losing a single player.

Elevate decided for a revolver buy in the following round, but it didn't work out for them, even though we've seen some great frags by „Str0ng“.

In the first rifle round of the match, we've seen Elevate rotate to B site after „Alpha“ got the initial entry frag and that worked well for them.

They got the round since SKY2FLY had the majority of the players on the A site.

The round after that was one of the fastest rounds ever, as Elevate killed all five players on the A site in a matter of seconds.

In the 5th round, S2F's „PrinceEye“ was unable to win the 1v2 clutch on the A site, which resulted in Elevate taking the lead.

SKY2FLY got back on the scoreboard in the 7th round, with „nezh1k“ getting the double kill as the last player standing to secure the round for his team.

PrinceEye“ made a heroic play in the following round, as he was able to kill both „Energy“ and „Osynt“ and on top of that defuse the bomb on the A site.

In the following round, Elevate's „Osynt“, „Alpha“ and „Str0ng“ made the entry kills which allowed their team to get another point.

Until the end of the half, SKY2FLY was able to win one more round, entering the second half of the match with a two-point deficit.

Once the sides swapped, the pistol round went rather slow, with Elevate winning it, as they were able to retake A site fairly easily.

Working off that, Elevate was able to secure the following eco round, and the first rifle round, where „Don-Hys“ killed „PrinceEye“ in a 1v1 situation on the A site.

SKY2FLY did show some signs of life in the 17th round of the match with great entry frags by „nezh1k“ and „xFlopz“, which allowed their side to grab a point.

SKY2FLY didn’t manage to do much else for the remainder of the game, as the retakes and the CT setups of Elevate proved to be too strong.

In the end, team Elevate won the match with a 13:6 scoreline.

Elevate's „str0ng“ was indeed strong in this matchup as he managed to get 25 frags.

Solid play by SetToDestroyX (SetToDestroyX vs WLGaming)

Map: Legacy

SetToDestroyX defenses in this one seemed to be too much to handle for WLGaming, as they were only able to get two rounds in the first half of the match.

Even though WLGaming won the pistol round after the side swap, a comeback proved too hard a task, and they eventually lost the match with a 13:6 scoreline.

SetToDestroyX looked good on the CT side in both of their matches for this week, however their Terrorist side looked shaky, especially in the first match, and they do need to work on that.

That's if for this week of the European Group Stages.

We hope you enjoyed the matches.

We're only a few days away from the next playday so make sure to tune in to youtube.com/valiancegg once we go live!

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