Week 3#: Everything is possible in NA

March 8, 2018 16:17

The North American Group Stage proved to be harder to predict than we thought, and we’re really enjoying that!

We had some exciting games last week, but we had some even better ones this week.

Buckle up and come along for the Week #3 ride. ;)


True rivarly (D2R vs Gankstars)

Map: Grounded

D2R started the match on the Terrorist side with a solid push on the A site.

Gankstars managed to retake it, but they were a bit too late and didn't have the time to defuse the bomb.

D2R also won the next two rounds fairly easily, as Gankstars opted to make a double eco in order to have a solid buy in the fourth.

In the first gun round of the match, D2R's „Sesame Street“ and „Yonigs7“ got two great entry kills on the B site, which allowed them to clinch the round, further extending their lead.

It all came down to a 1v1 on the A site in the next round.  

GS' „Joker“ finally got a point for his team, as he was able to win the duel versus „Yonigs7“.

It seemed like Gankstars suddenly woke up and took their defense to another level for the next three rounds.

N1ght“ got a double kill two rounds in a row and „Joker“ got some nice entry frags for his team.

Things were looking great for D2R in the 9th round as „Milio“ got a double kill on the B site to open things up, but it wasn't enough, as Gankstars managed to retake the site with „Joker“ winning yet another 1v1 versus „Yonigs7“.

By the end of the half, D2R managed to grab just one morel round, as „Milio“ won the 1v1 against „Kingeh“ on the A site.

This meant that Gankstars were up by two rounds at the half.

After the side swap, Gankstars opted to push the B bomb spot and it was the right decision since D2R was unable to retake the site once the bomb got planted.

Gankstars made a huge blunder in the following eco round with the positioning, and D2R was able to grab the round using only pistols.

D2R soon tied the score and their CT setups were looking great.

Milio“ helped by getting a crucial kill in the eco round.

In the 18th round, Gankstars decided to execute on the A site, and the plan worked as „King“ and „Kingeh“ successfully defended the after plant.

Milio“ stepped up again in the following round and got another clutch - this time over „Kingeh“ - to secure the round for his team.

Gankstars returned the favor in the next round, as „King“ was able to kill both „Milio“ and „Sesame Street“ in the 1v2 situation on the B site.

With two solid executions on the A site, Gankstars were able to reach the match point round.

However, D2R didn’t give up and played extremely well in the next round, tying the score at 12:12.

In the last round of the match, „Milio“ did an insane quad kill on the A site (first two kills were the entries) to finish off the match in style and grab an impressive win for D2R.

This was an extremely exciting match, and the rivalry between those 2 teams delivered once again!

Looking at the scoreboard, it's easy to see that D2R' „Milio“ was the MVP of the match, as he got 13 more frags than the second player on his team.

Never give up (Impreza vs IFL)

Map: Grounded

IFL kicked off the match on the Counter-Terrorist side in convincing fashion.

They were able to clinch the pistol round and the first buy round with just a few losses.

Impreza finally woke up in the fifth round, as „Scumpy US“ was able to get a triple kill with U-ratio, which helped his team get a point.

In the following round Impreza's „Evo“ and „Scumpy US“  shared all the kills between them, getting a triple and a double kill respectively.

Right after that IFL was close to securing another round for their side, however„ytniM“ and „ghostily“ managed to defend a 2v3 after plant on the A site.

Impreza soon tied the score and even got a single round lead thanks to great defensive play by „ytniM“ on the A-bomb site.

In the next round, IFL managed to get back on the scoreboard as „Blueice“ was able to get a very important double kill on „Scumpy US“ and „Jeshon“.

Teams split the last two rounds of the half, and the score was tied coming in the second part of the match.

Once the sides swapped, IFL slowed down the tempo on the B site, which worked into their favor as Impreza didn’t manage to retake the B site.

IFL also won the following two points, as Impreza opted to do the double eco round before the gun round.

The first buy round of the second half also went into IFL’s favor, as Impreza's „Jeshon“ was unable to win a 1v3 clutch.

IFL rode the momentum and also got the next round, with „Spacey-kun“ and „oShadow“ winning the 2v2 situation on the A site.

Impreza finally got back into the match in the 18th round, thanks to an insane 1v2 clutch and a bomb defuse on the A-bomb spot by „Jeshon“ .

Impreza stepped up their defensive game, got the next four round and tied the score at 11:11.  We were in for another thrilling finish!

IFL got to the match poin first with a solid execution on the B bomb spot, even though they lost a player at the start of the round.

In the following round, „Scumpy US“ stopped IFL's push on the A site by getting a triple kill, bringing his team to the final round of the match.

The last round featured a B site push by IFL, which didn't work out for them.

Both „Evo“ and „Jeshon“ got a double kill and secured the win for Impreza!

This was one of the closest matches we’ve seen - both scorewise and fragwise.

As you can see, nobody really stood out in the fragging department.

Congratulations to Imprezza for the insane comeback in the second half! That’s what makes C-Ops so exciting!

Not even close (IFL vs Infinity Forge)

Map: Plaza

This was one of the most one-sided matches of the week, as Infinity Forge were unable to win a single round or put up any resistance against IFL.

They will definitely need to get back to the drawing board and do something about their game in the following weeks.

Gankstars dominate (Gankstars vs Team Pharaohs)

Map: Grounded

We expected Gankstars to dominate this one and they did just that.

Team Pharaohs wasn’t up to the task, and they only won 2 rounds, both in the first half.

Some of the players on Pharaoh's side will need to get more frags in the upcoming matches if they wish to climb the standings.

That’s all for this week of the North American matches.

It's great to see some surprises and really close games in this region.

We hope there will be even more of those in the upcoming weeks.

Make sure to tune in at youtube.com/valiancegg as there are still plenty of matches left.

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