Week #2: The favorites bleed in Asia

March 2, 2018 14:53

The second week of the Asian Group Stage featured a lot of intense matches.

There were some surprises and some of our predictions from the beginning of the season already proved to be wrong.

If you want to know which ones, read the recap below, it’s worth it. ;)

Here is what happened in this week's matches.

Determined to prove themselves (CSPG Immortals vs Awakened)

Map: Legacy

CSGP Immortals started on the Counter-Terrorist side and in the first pistol round they masterfully saw through Awakened’s plan, which allowed them to clinch the round.

In the third buy round, Awakened decided to make a force buy, but it didn't work out for them as „-Avi“ and „BurNzzZ“ shutdown their attack on the B bomb spot.

Awakened did manage to plant the bomb on the B site in the following round, however they lost it yet again, this time after „Posture“ lost the 1v1 duel versus „Stealth“.

Awakened finally got on the scoreboard in the fifth round with a great B site push and this was all thanks to „Posture“ and „Hazzy“ that got the entry kills for their team.

That didn't slow down CSPG Immortal, and they won the next 6 rounds, although most of them were really close and could have gone either way.

By the end of the half, Awakened secured only one more round and that was due to „Hazzy“ and „BiBo“ winning the 2v2 situation.

After the side swap, CSPG Immortals tried to fake and execute on the A site, but it didn't work out as Awakened only lost a single player in the round.

This allowed Awakened to grab the following eco rounds as well, still trailing 6 rounds at this point.

The first buy round in the second half came down to the wire, but it went to CSPG's side as „EvoLu71oN“ won the 1v1 against „Hazzy“.

Awakened did manage to get 4 more rounds, but that wasn't enough, as CSPG Immortals soon closed out the match with a 13:8 scoreline.

CSPG's „BuRNzzZ“ had a great performance in this one, as he had at least 5 more kills than anyone else on his team.

It takes two to tango (Infamous vs Team AyX)

Map: Legacy

Infamous kicked off the match on the Terrorist side, and the first round went into their favor as „Boltzie“ was able to win the 1v1 versus „OjipikoCOP“ who was trying to defuse the bomb on the B site.

This allowed Infamous to also get the following eco rounds, as Team AyX's bombsite stacks didn't work out as planned.

Team AyX's „RecyMK2“ made a play worth remembering in the first gun round as he got behind the enemy lines, killing both „N4Tsu_“ and „xNeutrino“ and got his team on the board.

In the following round, Infamous hit a brick wall, as their B site push was completely denied.

Both teams went back and forth for the rest of the half, which ended with a tie. It seemed like a very interesting second part of the game awaited us.

RecyMK2“ made a triple kill in the pistol round on the Counter-Terrorist side, however, that wasn't enough, as Infamous' „xNeutrino“ and „DinamicWasTaken“ managed a comeback for their team.

Team AyX made a force-buy in the following round and it was worth it, as they were able to tie the score once again.

After that „Infamous“ started winning round after round and never looked back. It was a quick and surprising dash to the finish line and they grabbed the game with 13:7.

Team AyX didn’t manage to hold their own on the terrorist side, which allowed Infamous to dominate the second half and run away with the game.

RecyMk2“ from team AyX was the MVP of the match, even though his team lost.

He is definitely a player we should look out for.

A surprising turn of events (LEFP vs No Mercy)

Map: Grounded

LEFP won the first two rounds on the Counter-Terrorist side in a convincing fashion, however, in the first gun round, NM's „A17“ delivered for his team and won a 1v1 duel versus „Regret“ on the A site.

No Mercy also won the following round, as the aggressive B hall play on the CT side didn't work out for LEFP.

In the fifth round, No Mercy was able to plant the bomb on the A site without any team losing a player at that point.

After the skirmish around the planted bomb, LEFP's „Regret“ was forced to run away and save his gun.

In the following round, LEFP was able to return from the unfavorable 2v3 situation as „DES1RE“ and „DeSPa1R“ delivered under the pressure.

With some great plays from „VatH“ and „Punn“, No Mercy was able to get themselves the next two rounds.

LEFP managed to step up their game until the end of the half, finishing it with a two-round lead.

Once the sides swapped, LEFP was able to plant on the A site without losing any player and also win the round as „Joy“ was able to clutch in a 1v2 situation versus „VatH“ and „asH".

LEFP also won the next 3 rounds and built a substantial lead.

In the 17th round, „Punn“ and „A17“ delivered once again for No Mercy, as they were able to retake the A site while killing „Shame" and „Regret“.

Two rounds after that, „Punn“ was under the spotlight as he battled against „DesPa1R“ on the A site and won another duel for his team.

No Mercy was able to win the following round as well, bringing the score to 12:12.

In the last round of the match, „Punn“ made an insanely brave play for his team by pushing B long and killing both „DES1RE“ and „Shame“ to open things up.

This allowed his team to get the remaining players, and grab the match with a 13:12 scoreline!

No Mercy's „Punn“ made a lot of great plays in this match and he was a big reason why his team won this matchup.

Under pressure (CSPG Immortals vs Infamous)

Map: Bureau

CSPG Immortals dominated the first three rounds and their defense was looking stellar.

Infamous finally got their their first point in the fifth round with a late B site execution as „Gakky“ and „N4tsu“ were able to close things out.

The following round ended up being a close one, as it came down to a 2v2 with CSPG's „EvoLu71on“ killing both of the Infamous players to secure the round for his team.

Infamous' „xNeutrino“  showed up in the next round and killed both „NyT“ and „EvoLu71on“ in order to win the second point for his team.

Infamous won just one more round before the end of the half, as they couldn’t break through CSPG’s defenses.

The half ended with a 4 point difference in favor of CSGP.

After the side swap, „DinamicWasTaken“ made a huge play by killing three of the CSPG's players in order to close out the round.

In the first buy round of the half, Infamous' „Boltzie“ was left in a 1v3 situation which he couldn’t handle and was killed by „NyT“.

However, Infamous managed to tie the game at 11:11 with some splendid defensive setups.

In the last two rounds of the match, CSPG's „BuRNzzZ“, „EvoLu71on“ and „Stealth“ delivered massively in the entry fragging department, allowing their team to secure a 13:11 victory.

CSPG's „BuRNzzZ“ and „EvoLu71oN“ looked really sharp in this match, and both played a big part in their team's victory.

We hope you enjoyed this recap.

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