Week #2 of SA: New teams showing up

February 27, 2018 15:05

The second week of the South American Group Stage could also be named the week of the underdogs.

We were in for a treat in this unpredictable group and witnessed a few nice surprises.

Let’s check out each of the matchups.

Insanity Killers finally deliver (Never Believed vs Insanity Killers)

Map: Grounded

Insanity Killers started off strong on the Terrorist side, winning the first two rounds, even though they began the match with only four players.

In the first buy round, IK's  „Cosm0ssj“ and „Xirin IOS“ turned the 2v3 situation into their favor on the B site, winning yet another round for their team.

Never Believed finally got on the scoreboard in the fifth round, thanks to some great opening kills by NB' „GU4RD1A“ and „Dr-iZi“.

In the following round Insanity Killers displayed their tremendous skill level once again on the B site, by winning yet another unfavorable 2v3 situation.

Never Believed did manage to get 2 more rounds before IK's „Davyzin“  rejoined the server, and from that point on it was a fair 5v5 match.

The first half ended with Never Believed trailing by six rounds.

In the second half, Never Believed made a great A site rush and secured the pistol round.

Insanity killers decided to buy what they can in the third round of the second half, and with a big play from „Davyzin“, the decision paid off.

The crucial moment of the game occurred in the 17th round, when IK's „yNotCamp“ clutched against „LiKZiD“ to bring his team to the matchpoint.

The last round of the match was really close, but in the end Insanity Killers won it and closed out the game with a 8 round difference.

IK's „C0sm0ssj“ had a great game with over 20 kills and „Davyzin“ got a decent score considering he was not playing all the rounds.

Surprise! (Screen Shot vs New Era Team)

Map: Canals

Screen Shot didn’t waste any time and made a statement with „PrinhO_“  killing both „Poseidowski“ and „VTeraN“ on the B bomb site to secure the first round of the game.

In the first buy round, SS's „nD2002“ and „JC DO TREM BALA“ got great entries and they just ransacked the A bomb spot.

Building on the momentum, „Screen Shot“ also managed to get the next four rounds, as „New Era Team“ defenses looked disastrous at this point.

„New Era Team“ finally got on the scoreboard in the 7h round, as „gxllins“ and „mihxwk“ closed a successful defuse versus SS' „Ova sz“ on the B site.

The following round came down to the wire, as NET's „VTeraN“ outplayed „PrinhO_“ on the A site to secure the second round for his team.

PrinhO_“ redeemed himself in the next round, as he fragged both „PLAYUL“ and „VTeraN“ in order to get his team back on the winning track.

New Era Team got only one more round before the end of the half, resulting in them being 6 rounds behind.

After the side swap, NET's „1MX“ and „gxllins“ delivered in the pistol round by winning a 2v2 situation.

New Era Team started to slowly crawl back into this match, however SS's „Ova SZ“ and „Prinho_“ had other plans and they stopped NET's comeback by winning a 2v3 on the A bomb spot.

After that round New Era Team crumbled, eventually losing the match 13:6.

PrinhO_“ was the mvp of the match, as he lead the charge and played it almost perfectly in most of the situations.

It's great to see Screen Shot doing well in their first time in the Premier League and we hope they can keep it up.

So many close rounds (Never Believed vs NT Gaming)

Map: Bureau

Never Believed started the match in convincing fashion as they haven't lost a single player on the A site in the opening round on the Counter-Terrorist side.

The next two rounds were just a formality as NB built an early 3-0 lead.

In the fourth round it all came down to a 2v2 fight with the bomb planted on the A bomb spot.

NTG's „FacilA3M“ clutched versus „LukAo NoT CliCK“, securing the first round for his team.

Never Believed showed some stellar defense on the A site, stopping the NTG's push in the following round.

NT Gaming grabbed another close round, and this time it was „ViRuSnp“ winning the 1v1 duel.

Never Believed had enough of these close losses. „Dr iZi“ finally won a clutch for his team against „Kines – S2“ on the A site and got the 7th round.

Until the end of the half, both teams were trading punches and Never Believed entered the second part of the match with a four round lead.

In the first round of the second half NB executed their  B bomb site play perfectly, which resulted in them getting the pistol round.

In the first buy round of the second half, NT Gaming's „ViRuSNp“ heroically won the 1v3 situation with the bomb defuse for his team.  

The breaking point of the game happened at 11:6, when NB's „Bot-Falido“ won the duel against „Leokl“ on the A site due to “Leokl’s” unnecessary peeking.

The match ended with a 13:7 victory in favor of Never Believed.

NB's „LiKZiD“ looked particularly good in this match, as he had 8 more kills than the second fragger in his team.

Keeping up the good work (Insanity Killers vs Nerds in Arms)

Map: Legacy

Nerds in Arms dominated at the start of the match, getting the 3 first rounds in no time.

In the fourth round, Insanity Killers demonstrated their skill with pistols as both „Davyzin“ and „C0sm0ssj“ got the very needed kills with the revolver and secured the first round for their team.

NIA wasn't really fazed by that round, as they won the following two rounds, further increasing their lead.

After that Insanity Killers finally managed to get their defensive setup working, tying the score at 5:5.

Insanity Killers also got the last 2 rounds of the half, turning the game around. „BrGomes“ and „Xirin IOS“ played a huge role in their comeback as both had a considerable amount of kills after 12 rounds.

The Terrorist pistol round by Insanity Killers featured a quick B push that worked like a charm, as Nerds in Arms were unable to hold their site.

In the next round, IK's „C0sm0ssj“ saved the team from losing an eco, by winning a 1v3 clutch on the A site.

Nerds in Arms finally got the first round of the CT half in the 17th round with some great play from „SEM1“, who got the very needed entries for his team.

Soon after that, Insanity Killers reached 12 rounds and were just 1 point away from winning the game.

Nerds in Arms locked down defensively and showed some amazing play.

They almost tied the score, however IK's „XiriN IOS“ won the 1v1 duel against „SEM1“ and closed out the game with the final score of 13:11.

It's great to see Insanity Killers delivering after a somewhat disappointing performance in the previous week.

yNotCamp“ showed some great moves in this match, especially on the terrorist side, making it easy for his team to clinch the victory.

That’s all for Week 2 of South America.

Make sure to watch us once we go live on youtube.com/valiancegg again this week!

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