We are aiming for the top

February 22, 2022 18:00

Six weeks into EBL, less than three more to go! Almost flawless performance of Valiance ProGame resulted in shared first place with Crvena Zvezda.


After the last match against Cyber Wolves, we got a hold of Ivan “Paladin” Delač and asked him about the mood inside the team and possibility of winning the EBL.

Our performance is great and morale is high, we have won almost all of our practice games. The EBL win streak also boosts our hopes and chances for the first place. Of course, there are some minor issues with our gameplay that we are currently trying to fix to further improve our performance. Currently our biggest challenge is macro management and map awareness so we are fully focused on improvement. I am very optimistic! - Paladin said.


Next match will be played on Thursday, 24th of February, when we face off against Auxesis Esports. May the force be with you!


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