Vulcans story

March 20, 2018 15:34

"Vulcan" has been a part of the C-Ops community ever since the very beginning, even through the tough times.

His story is one of never giving up, even when many others would quit.

It’s an inspiring journey and we thought we would have a look at how he got to where he is now.

Early entry

"Vulcan" started his career back in September 2015 when he received the Beta Version of Critical Ops.

Before that, he was playing the game called "Modern Combat 5", where he played in a team called “SxC Gaming”.

In this team, he played alongside some familiar faces, such as "Joker"; "Vitaly"; "Abz"; "Kam" and "Milio".

Adventure begins

His professional carreer began when he joined one of the best Critical Ops teams – "Gankstars".

Before this huge step, he was in an upcoming team, called "The Saints".

He decided to leave "The Saints" because he got benched and the team refused to put him into the starting five even with all the improvements he had made.

The Critical Ops community also didn’t help him, as he wasn’t considered a top player, but was known as one of the “bench” players.

Tricky situation

While being in "Gankstars", "Vulcan" had a wonderful experience playing alongside some of the greatest players in the game.

Unfortunately he never reached the starting five and started losing game time each week.

Because of this, he didn’t really improve and progress as he wasn't playing as much as he needed to.

This didn’t affect his motivation at all.

In fact, it made him try even harder to achieve his goals, which slowly started to affect his daily life.

During this period, he’d stay up late at night, just to practice more and fix his mistakes.

Eventually, he decided to leave "Gankstars" and joined another top team – "D2R".

Next Chapter

His stay in "D2R" was very short.

The main reason that he left the team is that he didn’t gel with the team.

One situation got to him in particular and that was when "D2R" had a tournament that he was very excited about.

Little did he know, that he will be benched by a new player that just joined the team just two days ago.

"Vulcan" wasn't shocked, he was just confused about everything.

He saw that the team didn't need him anymore, so he left and continued his quest to find more playing time.

Fresh start

"Vulcan" decided that a fairly new team "Impreza" was showing great potential and was a good option with a bright future ahead.  

He decided to trial for them, and they accepted him.

He has found a new home and has already defined his role in the team.

This is what he said to us about his new team:

Things are looking great! I have a defined role and even better teammates.

I feel like I am really on track with my goals with this team!

Everything from the system in-game and the things we do outside the game is great!

I deeply enjoy it!”.

"Vulcan" and his new team "Impreza" just played in the North American Group Stage and are looking forward to achieve better and better results in the future.

Even though "Vulcan" is a substitute for "Impreza" at the moment, that is only because he just joined the team, and every new player starts out as a substitute.

But we are sure he can prove to the community what he really is and make it into the starting five.

We wish him and his new team the best of luck and hope to see them achieve their goals.

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