New "kids" on the block

October 12, 2022 20:10

After winning the EBL Summer Split 2022 we wanted to keep working with the same roster or at least with most of the same roster. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to do so for various reasons. We would like to thank all the players that made winning that trophy possible and for everything, they did during the EU Masters Summer 2022. Now it's time for a new page. Meet the roster that will be playing under the Valiance ProGame banner in the Winter Split. 

Valiance ProGame Winter Split 2022

But first thing first. As most of you know, we went through some structural and ownership changes. With the new partner eVenture Limited, the owners of the VPN service, we are looking to take the Valiance to another level with more partners, sponsors, activities, and stability. It will take some time and you can expect some new things from us in 20223. 

Winter Split 2022 is all about Sigma Cup for us. First, we have to go through the national EBL qualifiers, after which we'll secure our spot in the SIGMA CUP, the 15.000€ tournament in Greece. There are only four spots available. One for Hitpoint Winter (Slovakia & Czech Republic), one for GLL Pro-Am (Greece), one for EBL Pro-Am, and the last for the winner of Sigma Cup Gauntlet.

Just as the LEC teams showed up big time at Worlds 2022 we plan to do the same in Sigma Cup. The EBL national qualifiers for the tournament start on the 18th of October. We are pleased to announce that Benjamin "Blacksky" Wörner will continue to lead our roster from the coach position. Here is the rest of the players. To those who already played for VPG we wish a warm welcome back, and to the others, welcome to the championship organization.

Viktor "Interor" Liptai
Mátyás "Frost" Mátyus
Nikita "Griffon" Gudkov
Lukáš "CHECKFIDER" Nevyjel
Dávid "Palacsinta" Rácz

Michael "bbmuffin" Smirnov

Make sure to follow the boys and show them love. Let's finish this year in style!

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