Vision Gaming on top of Europe after Week #1

August 3, 2018 14:05

The first week of the European Summer Season brought us a lot of interesting matches.

While some games were one sided, others were way closer than most of us expected!

Here’s a quick recap of all four games.


Valiant effort by the newcomers

Team Elevate vs Team Legacy

Map: Canals

Team Legacy opened the game on the Terrorist side and decided to rush the A bomb spot while Elevate stacked the opposite site.

This didn't stop Elevate from retaking the A spot, ending the round with a bomb defuse and three players still alive.

In the following round, Elevate's „Osynt“ got the ace in the middle portion of the map!

Although it was an eco round, it was still impressive to see how fast he got all the kills.

Legacy decided to buy in the next one, but to no avail, as Elevate's „Hushy“, „Bond“ and „Osynt“ stopped their A bomb spot split with ease.

Elevate clinched the 4th and 5th round as well, with „Glowzy“ acquiring a solid triple kill in the latter one on the A bomb spot.

Legacy finally got on the scoreboard in the 7th round, thanks to a triple entry kill by „Cheeseman“.

Cheeseman“ once again got another triple kill in the next round, however, this time Elevate's „Hushy“ pulled off a clutch move by killing both „CapsTheFnsKid“ and „Cheeseman“ in front of the B bomb spot.

Osynt“ got an insane quad kill in the 9th round while pushing to the B bomb spot.

Until the end of the half, Team Legacy managed to break through Elevate’s defense just one more time.

Team Legacy entered the second half with an 8 round deficit.

After the side swap, Elevate rushed the A bomb spot.

Unfortunately for them, Legacy was ready and „twi“ got a double kill with a grenade, which softened the push and allowed his team to get the round.

After that, Team Elevate decided to go for a double eco.

Legacy got the first round, but not the second one, as „Hushy“ first got the entry kill and then four more once he acquired an AK-47.

Legacy won the next round thanks to a stellar performance by the whole team.

In the following round, Elevate's „Impact“ was put in a 1v2 situation against „twi“ and „ra1nze“ where he failed to deliver.

Legacy got the 18th round which was an eco, but couldn’t defend the next  Elevate's A bomb spot split once they got to the site.

This brough Elevate to the match point.

Legacy got two more rounds before losing the final one on the A bomb spot once again, where „Osynt“ and „Impact“ turned the round in Elevate’s favor.

Elevate won the match with a 13:9 scoreline.

Osynt“ and „Hushy“ were on fire and are the main reason Elevate got the victory.

Dominating performance by Vision Gaming

Vision Gaming vs Nova Esports

Map: Bureau

Vision Gaming kicked off the match on the Counter-Terrorist side and they had no problems denying the first A bomb spot take with both „DyN“ and „Kuba“ getting the double kills.

In the following two rounds, VG again stood strong, deflecting both A and B bomb spot pushes fairly easily.

Nova eSports got on the scoreboard in the 4th round, which was an eco round, thanks to a superb performance by „Naarkz“ as he got the last two kills of the round.

They also got the next round with a solid B bomb spot rush, which left Vision’s „Kuba and „Dyn“ in a two-versus-three retake.

Both players got taken out by „Sneaky“.

And that was pretty much all from Nova eSports.

For the rest of the half, Vision Gaming showed us how to play impeccable Critical Ops defense on Bureau, as they had several players alive at the end of almost every round.

After the side swap, Vision's „Quaredy“ clutched the one-versus-one against „NaY“ on the A bomb spot.

Nova eSports couldn't recover and the match ended with a dominating 13:2 victory for Vision Gaming.

Everyone from Vision Gaming was on point and they showcased some top notch Critical Ops team play.

Great showing by Viral in their opening match

Team Viral vs SetToDestroyX

Map: Grounded

Team Viral started on the Terrorist side and they faked the A bomb spot rush in the first round just to rotate over to B.

STDx was ready for it and they were able to stop the plant with three players surviving the round.

STDx got the next eco round, but not the gun round, as Viral's B bomb spot rush worked like a charm.

Viral's „T-Box“ got the two crucial entry kills.

In the next two rounds, Team Viral hit both bomb spots and STDx was unable to defend.

Teams traded the following two rounds and we saw an impressive quad kill by STDx's „Prizma“.

After that, STDx tied the score, but not for long, as Viral stepped up their Terrorist game in the remaining rounds, finishing the half with a four round lead.

After the side swap STDx rushed the A bomb spot and outshot their opponents, clinching another pistol round in the process.

They also won the eco round, but not the first gun round of the second half, as the defense setup of Viral with „DarkSan“ and „PROLORD“ in middle portion of the map and B bomb spot proved to be too much to handle.

The 16th round featured a one-versus-one with „PROLORD“ and „DeadBear“.

Viral’s player won the duel on the A bomb spot further increasing his team's lead.

In the round after that we saw yet another 1v1. STDx's „MrBates“ didn’t had enough time to plant the bomb and lost the round.

Viral's „FX-7ACE on the A bomb spot in the following round brought them to the match point.

Until the end of the match STDx got just one more round.

Team Viral won the game with a 13:7 scoreline.

Could have gone either way

Vision Gaming vs Team Elevate

Map: Plaza

This was an amazing match with both teams going back and forth for the most part of the game.

Vision Gaming got to the the match point first and Team Elevate tried to come back and tie the score.

Clutch play by Elevate's „Impact“ in the 23rd round brought his team back to life, but a great performance by VG's „Kuba“ and „Angel” prevented Elevate from evening the score.

Vision Gaming won the match 13:11!

It was a really exciting week in Europe.

Do you think Vision Gaming will emerge as the new king of the region at the end of the season?

Let us know in the comments!

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