Vision Gaming is the favorite to get the number one spot in European Finals

September 7, 2018 12:44

Even before the start of the Critical Ops Summer Season, Vision Gaming was considered as one of the favorites, so seeing them reach the Grand Finals is not something that should be surprising.

In the Grand Finals, they're set to go up against Team Throne, the newcomers that have already shown that they're capable of taking down any team.

To see what they think about the upcoming match and their recent performance, we talk with their team leader – Adjure.

Here you go!

On Plaza, SetToDestroyX won the pistol round but you were rather quick to turn it around.

Later on, you had somewhat of a dominant game, as you won it with 13:3 scoreline.

Did you expect it to be this easy?

During the map veto, I allowed STdX to take the first pick, which I thought would give us a better idea of their current strengths and weaknesses.

I knew that Plaza was a possibility, but I was actually a little thrown by the fact that they picked it anyway.

We did not expect the game to be so one-sided at all and everyone met up a few hours before the match in order to discuss our tactics and play style.

I do not think that our CT setup was as easy to read as STdX thought it would be, which may be why we had such a great half.

During the second map (Bureau), the game was even until you swapped on the Terrorist side.

After that, SetToDestroyX stepped up and won the game  (11:13)

Can you walk us through this game and tell us what was the problem for your team here?

On Bureau, our CT side wasn't as great as we would've hoped.

We lost B site multiple times to fairly generic pinches from sandwich and B Long, giving STdX enough rounds to work with on CT to find their footing.

On the T side, we repeatedly tried to do a slow execute onto B site, but we were a little thrown by just how proactive "Exo" was in contesting mid.

Him being a constant nuisance made it difficult and we only got a few rounds mainly due to individual skill, and much less due to team play and coordination, which is why the consistency on the T side was completely lacking, allowing STdX to clinch the game.

For the last map of the series (Grounded), you made sure to bring your best game, since there was no room for the mistakes.

In the end, you won it with 13:2 scoreline.

How would you rate your performance in general during this Semi-Finals and are you satisfied with it?

In terms of my personal performance, I would say that I did the best I could given my circumstances (playing at 2am, in China, using data).

As a team though, it is clear that there is a lot to work on, despite getting the win against STdX.

We can't always rely on gaining a lead by starting on the CT side.

I'm fairly satisfied, and I believe that we can fix a few mistakes before we face Throne in the finals.

In the Grand Finals, you will play team Throne.

Is it safe to say that you are the favorites and do you think they have what it takes to potentially beat you?

I don't think that it would be safe to assume anything at this point, except that both Throne and we will bring our best games next week.

They more than have the potential to beat us.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

To my fans (if I have any), please keep supporting me and the team because it helps me sleep at night, but don't go throwing any toxicity towards STdX or Throne, it's somewhat unnecessary.

Vision Gaming has a chance to claim the European throne next Sunday.

Do you agree with our assessment that they're the favorites in the upcoming matchup?

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