Vision Gaming and Team Throne are the favorites in the European semi-finals

September 1, 2018 18:06

The Valiance Summer Season European Group Stage brought us a lot of interesting matches, and definitely not the results most would have expected prior to the start of the season.

We’re glad to see new faces coming and taking the pole position after the first part of the competition!

Without further ado, here are our predictions for the Semi-Finals.

Throne vs S2 Gaming

Team Throne (ex – Team Viral) has been a pleasant surprise since this is their first appearance in the Valiance Group Stages and they already managed to top the group.

Along the way, they only suffered a loss to S2 Gaming on Legacy, where they had an 11:5 lead, but in the end, they were not able to win the game, losing the match with 11:13 scoreline.

Their Terrorist side was really looking lackluster here and they have to fix it for the future matches.

Also, Team Elevate was able to beat Team Throne as well (13:8), however, due to fact that Elevate used the ineligible accounts during that match, Team Throne received a 13:0 victory.

Rest” and “Thierry” did leave the team mid-season, and we’re yet to see how this is going to affect the team in the long run.

In the last week of the competition, we've seen them play against Vision Gaming on Bureau and they got the victory but it wasn't an easy match (13:11).

The team is looking promising, and we're excited to see if they can advance even further in the tournament.

S2 Gaming (ex Nova eSports) haven't been looking amazing so far in this season, as they barely managed to advance into the playoffs.

They had a slow start of the season, losing the opening matches to both Vision Gaming on Bureau (2:13) and SetToDestroyX on Grounded (11:13).

After that, the team changed several players, removing the likes of „Naarkz“, „Sneaky“ and  „Pokus“ who were the members of the team for quite a long time.

In return, they got “Rest” and “Thierry”, together with “Shuttle” and “vNxTro”.

Both “Rest” and “Thierry” can’t be used until the season finishes.

For the remaining matches of the Group Stage, they showed a way better gameplay, since they got the victories over Team Legacy on Plaza (13:8), Team Throne on Legacy (13:11) and Team Elevate on Plaza (13:9).

The change seems to be working for them and they already showed that they can come back against Team Throne and take the victory.

Now, they will face off against each other in a best-of-three, and just by looking at the results, we think that Team Throne even though they lost the Group Stage match, should have a slight edge coming into the Semi-Finals.


Vision Gaming vs SetToDestroyX

Before the start of the season, Vision Gaming was considered as one of the favorites and without a doubt, they proved that to be true.

Since the Critical Ops LAN event, they’ve acquired “str0ng”, “Quaredy” and “DyN” and this elevated their gameplay to another level.

Still, in most of the victories during the Group Stage, they didn’t look as dominant as they should be.

In the match against SetToDestroyX, they had a 10:2 lead after the first half, but later on, the game ended up being very close, as Vision Gaming won with a 13:11 scoreline.

Once they ended up playing Team Throne on Bureau, they got their only loss of the season so far (11:13), but they did not play with the main lineup since “Flopz” was playing instead of “DyN”.

"Adjure" is a capable leader and we're sure the team will be ready for the upcoming matches.

SetToDestroyX has been a question mark for several seasons already.

They’re also one of the rare teams that stick with the same lineup and believes that’s the way to progress forward.

This time, they showed a bit stronger performance in the Group Stage, by acquiring wins over S2 Gaming on Grounded (13:11) and Team Legacy on Plaza (13:3).

They also had a close match against Vision Gaming on Bureau (11:13), where they showed that they can compete against the best.

Zen”, “EXO” and “Overload” had some good moments in the season, but they will need more than that if they wish to advance into the Grand Finals.

Throughout the Group Stage, we’ve also seen them rotate players, so that could potentially give them an edge since their opponents might not know what lineup to expect.

Vision Gaming is a clear favorite here, and if they lose this Semi-Finals, it will be a big upset.

Still, it’s not fair to count out SetToDestroyX, but the odds are not in their favor.

PREDICTION: 2-0 Vision Gaming

Those are our predictions for the European Semi-Finals.

Do you think S2 Gaming might beat Throne?

Is SetToDestroyX capable of pulling an upset?

Tune in this weekend and find out!

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