Valiance: A Season of Change

August 2, 2023 18:24

Greetings, Valiance community!

As we reflect on our journey through the EBL Summer 2023, we realize that every step we take, whether forward or backwards, serves as an essential building block towards our overarching goals. We recognize that our performance in the league wasn't what we had hoped for, as we found ourselves in the last position. But let us tell you - not everything is painted in shades of black.

One of the major decisions we made this season was to operate on a tighter budget than in previous years, a strategic choice that was heavily influenced by our objective to bolster our social media engagement for our sponsors - VPN, Telemach, and Jamnica ProGame. And in this regard, we're thrilled to report that our endeavour was highly successful.

Our team created and shared content centred around our squad, aiming to promote our sponsors - and you responded with overwhelming support. Collectively, we managed to generate over 1 million views on our content! We are incredibly grateful for your engagement and your continued faith in us.

Now, we find ourselves in a position where we will face relegation matches, and quite poetically, we're up against a mixed team led by our ex-player, Paladin, who demonstrated their prowess by winning the open qualifiers. While the stakes are high, we're ready to bring our best game forward and give you the thrilling matches you've come to expect from us.

Despite the challenges, we've already set our sights on 2024. We plan to maintain our existing approach but with a renewed focus on talent development. Instead of relying on known players within our restricted budget, we're aiming to work with and nurture the potential of rookies. It's a daring move, but we believe in the fresh energy and passion that new talent can bring to our team.

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your unwavering support during the highs and lows of this season. Your belief in us fuels our drive to do better, and we promise to bring you a more vibrant and exciting Valiance in the coming year.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that the spirit of Valiance is not defined by a single season's results but by our continual perseverance and determination to keep pushing our boundaries. Together, let's look forward to a new chapter of our journey. Onwards, to 2024!

With gratitude and determination, Team Valiance

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