Introducing Valiance ProGame's Lineup for EBL Summe 2023

June 5, 2023 21:08

Valiance ProGame is thrilled to unveil its formidable roster for the highly anticipated Esports Balkan League Summer Split 2023. Comprising some of the most skilled and dedicated players in the League of Legends scene, this talented lineup is poised to dominate the competition both on and off the rift.

A New Journey Begins - Valiance ProGame Summer 2023

Valiance ProGame is proud to introduce our esteemed League of Legends team, ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in the Esports Balkan League Summer Split 2023. With a relentless commitment to excellence, our talented roster will not only represent Valiance ProGame in competitive matches but also engage with fans through captivating content creation, including live streams, TikTok videos, and more.

Domagoj "Boras" Boras
Veselin "Hatred" Popov
Enes "Sahira" Apelqvist
Kristiyan "Komandata" Kanchev
Iheb "Iheb" Arif

Coach: Lukas "Hyaz" Gräser

As they gear up for the Esports Balkan League Summer Split 2023, fans can expect exhilarating gameplay and a range of captivating content beyond the rift. Stay tuned as Valiance ProGame's elite lineup embarks on a journey filled with triumph, excitement, and endless possibilities.

As always, you can't do anything alone so a big thank you to the Telemach Hrvatska, VPN, and Jamnica ProGame for the support!

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