Jamnica x Valiance - Learn about ProGame

January 20, 2022 11:14

ProGame is a functional drink developed in collaboration with gamers which, in addition to hydration, contributes to better physical and mental performance needed for a better experience and successful gaming! The unique sweetness is provided by palatinosis, a type of carbohydrate that has a low glycemic index and releases sugar slowly, in comparison to glucose. This means that it provides energy, but without a "sugar crash".

It is available in two flavors: cherry and mango/apricot, and it’s fully adapted to gamers and their needs. With only a few calories, it contains optimal levels of caffeine from a natural source, along with many vitamins and minerals. It does not contain taurine. ProGame was developed by Jamnica: from the concept and name of the product, design, recipe and brand identity, all the way to the production in Jamnica's production plant in Pisarovina. An important role in the development of this product was played by the players themselves, who chose the taste and design of the packaging. Croatian gamers are the first to have the opportunity to experience a better gaming experience with ProGame at an affordable price. ProGame will soon be available throughout the region.

We would like to thank Jamnica for supporting Valiance through our EBL journey – our official sponsors and partners for the 2022. ProGame enables our players to keep their heads clear during tiring practices and stressful matches. 

Do you want to feel the same? Then look for ProGame in the nearest store and experience the gaming experience like never before!

Find out more about ProGame drinks here:
ProGame Official Website
ProGame Focus (Mango/apricot flavour)
ProGame Stamina (Cherry flavour)

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