Valiance’s All-Croatian Dream: Charting New Waters in the Sigma Cup

October 17, 2023 13:46

The world of competitive gaming is vast and unpredictable. In League of Legends, where every move counts and every second is decisive, fielding a team that harmonizes both in and out of the Summoner’s Rift is a challenge. It's a challenge that Valiance gladly accepted and recently showcased by introducing an all-Croatian lineup for the esteemed regional competition, the Sigma Cup.

Now, the winds didn’t favour us during our debut. We faced a swift defeat after only one match. But to assume that this tells the whole story would be misleading. Behind the scoreboard was a team that had barely had the time to synergize, practice, and build that quintessential bond which makes great teams legendary. The result, while disappointing, wasn't a determinant of our spirit.

Why then, one might ask, did Valiance venture into the competition with such little prep? Because every step, win or lose, is progress. It's a step toward understanding what works and what needs to be ironed out.

The silver lining of this endeavour? Our realization that an all-Croatian lineup might be our compass heading into 2024. The advantages are manifold. Staying local enables us to frequently congregate, strategize, and synergize. It isn't just about gaming; it’s about content creation, team building, and fostering a sense of community. With our proud sponsors "Telemach Hrvatska" and "Pro Game" supporting our vision throughout 2023, we are poised to offer something unique, refreshing, and authentically Croatian to our fans. We hope this collaboration continues, bolstering our efforts further.

More than just matches and tournaments, we envision a world where our team creates supplementary content that brings our fans closer to the players, the game, and the spirit of Valiance.

However, the core mission of Valiance remains unaltered. We've always been a beacon for the young and the overlooked. Those promising players who, for one reason or another, have been overshadowed in the bustling world of eSports. At Valiance, they find their stage, their audience, and their chance to ascend to the zeniths of regional league systems.

This is not just about a game. It's about dreams, opportunities, and fostering a generation of Croatian talent that, given the right platform, can compete with the best in the world.

So, to our fans and supporters, the Sigma Cup was not an end but a new beginning. A promise of what's to come. As we embark on this journey, we humbly ask for your continued support, enthusiasm, and faith. Together, let’s craft a story that future generations of Croatian gamers will look back upon with pride.

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