Use of ineligible accounts in Valiance Summer Season

August 10, 2018 12:03

We’re almost halfway through the Valiance Summer Season and we have some surprising news to share with you!

After checking the game accounts of Nova Esports and Team Elevate players, we noticed something strange.

They haven’t used the same accounts they signed up with for the tournament the whole time.

Since using different accounts is against our rules, we will have to change the result of all their matches to 13:0 victory in favor of their opponents.

Here is the list of matches where we have found this rule violation:

•    SetToDestroyX vs Nova Esports – was 13:11 victory for StDx (Grounded) – will be counted as 13:0 victory in favor of SetToDestroyX

•    Team Elevate vs Team Viral – was 13:8 victory for Elevate (Plaza) – will be counted as 13:0 victory in favor of Team Viral

In the rest of the matches, we didn't discover any irregularities, so the score stands.

This is especially sad to see because both teams are counted among the strongest teams in the region.

Prior to this, Team Elevate had two victories in three matches, which was a great result.

Once again, rules are there for a reason and we as a tournament organizer expect every player and team to follow them.

Of course, we can't make any exceptions and all teams are subject to scrutiny.

We hope that this is going to be a lesson for all teams involved and that we won't have to deal with similar cases in the future.

Best of luck to all teams for the rest of the season.

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