UPDATE NEWS: Royal Recruits now cost 8 elixir!

July 30, 2018 16:32

Here’s a quick update on the Royal Recruits.

They now cost 8 elixir!

This nerf comes after an avalanche of complaints that the Recruits are overpowered for their elixir cost.

When the card still cost 6 elixir, its win rate overall was around 58% - the highest win rate in the game followed by the Three Musketeers at around 51%.

These are the only two cards with a win rate above 50% and it was clear that Supercell had to react and soon!

So far, the elixir cost is the only change to the Royal Recruits - card stat remained the same.

People close to the Clash Royale team indicated that this nerf was essential as the Clash Royale League is around the corner.

This is probably the first time the Dev team moved so quickly to nerf a card after its introduction.

In addition to the concerns with the League, Supercell reportedly didn’t want players to buy the card thinking it would remain so powerful.

I applaud them if that is the case!  

I personally agree with this nerf 100%.

While I was playing the Challenge to win the Royal Recruits, I had a hard time every time my opponent got the Recruits.

There was no way for me to effectively counter ALL of them for 6 elixir or less.

The Recruits effectively smashed a lot of different metas with its groundbreaking mechanics.

As a result, I would get destroyed in every encounter with the Recruits.

That’s why I even advised my clan mates to always pick them while drafting.

The Recruits just had too much value and introduced the new straight line mechanic at the same time.

Plus, people had already started complaining about overleveling the Royal Recruits.

As this card is only a common card, gemmers could max it out relatively quickly, thus disrupting the ladder with this very powerful card.

My only concern is that an 8 elixir cost may be too much of a nerf.

Now the Royal Recruits can no longer successfully defend against bridge spam or hogs due to the high elixir cost, higher than the Mega Knight or the Pekka and on par with the Golem.

Only time will tell whether this card will become dead weight pretty soon or if it will remain in some people’s decks.

Will you continue using the Recruits after this 2 elixir cost increase?

Let us know in the comments!

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