U4X and Hammers are the huge favorites in the Quarterfinals

November 4, 2018 14:31

The Critical Ops Autumn Invitational is starting today!

We're very excited to jump into the action, but first, here are our predictions for the North American Quarterfinals.

All of the matches will be played in the single elimination best of three format, so keep that in mind.


Hammers Esports vs Impreza

Coming into this matchup, it's hard to say anything else but the fact that Hammers Esports is a huge favorite here.

They consistently reached the Grand Finals of various competitions, and the only thing they're missing is that first place.

In our opinion, they have the upgraded their lineup for the Autumn Invitational, which now features „Night“ who used to play with Gankstars not so long ago.

Having such an in-depth substitute roster with the likes of „Obzerps“, and „Shadow“ is huge, and this will definitely increase their strategic choices on certain maps.

Impreza on the other hand, still have not revealed their roster, and that is not a good thing since we're only a day away from the beginning of the season.

As you already known, they haven't looked good at all only they faced D2R in Semi-Finals of the Summer Season.

Vulcan“ is a very smart player and we're certain that he will make something of this team.

However, it's hard to expect him to beat Hammers who have been playing together for so long with a lineup that has just gathered up.

Best case scenario that can happen here is Impreza taking a single map, but even that is most likely not going to happen.

PREDICTIONS: Hammers Esports 2-0

U4X vs Public Enemy

U4X (ex-D2R) made it clear in the Summer Season what they're capable of.

They have just joined a new organization as well and they will surely want to prove themselves right off the bat.

The lineup did change quite a bit compared to the previous season, as they lost both „Toast“ and „Kam“.

Still, their roster is looking formidable since the likes of „Kingeh“ and „Luis“ joined the team in return.

We also can't forget about „Akjon“ and “Milio” who had an amazing Summer Season, and if they can perform again on the same level, it's going to be really hard for any opponent out there.

On the other hand, this is the premier showing for Public Enemy (ex-Seminal).

Just as D2R, they've also been picked by an organization just before the start of the Autumn Invitational.

There is a chance this is going to apply some extra pressure on their side.

As expected, we haven't seen much from this roster yet and the only player that stands out is „Carnage“, who was a part of the former IFL lineup.

In the interview, they mentioned they were doing really fairly good in the practice games even against the best teams around.

This does mean something, and if they can bring their A-game here, we might have a close series here.

Still, when you compare the lineups and the names U4X have at their disposal, it seems that Public Enemy has a really hard task ahead of themselves.

U4X is a clear favorite and anything but 2-0 will be a surprising result.


Those are our predictions for the North American Quarterfinals.

Do you think Impreza or Public Enemy stands a chance?

Write down your opinion in the comments.

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