Twistadude - Asian scene is the most exciting one due to teams' playstyles

March 4, 2018 02:30

It's the first time we’ve seen team Infamous in the Premier League, and they already proved that their place among the top tier teams is well deserved.

Currently, they are second in the Asian Group Stage with victories over „No Mercy“ and „Team AyX“.

They did lose a game versus „CSPG Immortals“, but it was a really close one.

To learn more about them, we decided to talk with their in-game leader – Twistadude.

In the interview, we discussed their team's strengths and the competition in their region among other things.


Who are the current players in your team and what are their roles?

Our lineup currently consists of the following players;

Twistadude - igl/supporter

Boltzie -awper/igl-2

Dimanic - lurker/awper/entry fragger

Gakky - supporter

Natsu - supporter

Velosh - supporter

When did you form IFM and how long have you been playing together?

We formed IFM 8 months ago and we have been playing together for like 2 years now.

In the first week of the Asian Group Stage you won against No Mercy. Although they were probably the favorites you beat them by a large margin. What is the main reason for your stellar performance?

We think the main reason was practice and planning.

Everyone was confident and knew their job and how it should be done since it was our first showing in the Premier League our main focus was to stick together and to support each other.

In the second week of the Group Stage you made it look easy against the Japanese Team AyX, however, you did lose versus CSPG Immortals by just two point. What made the difference in that match?

Team AyX is a really good team, but we all know that only one team can win.

CSPG Immortals are a team that has been playing together for a while and they have great teamwork.

We mostly had the problem versus their aggressive playstyle. They would push a lot and in my opinion, that's the biggest reason why we lost since we don't really know how to deal with it.

How would you say you stack up against the rest of the teams in the Group Stage and which team do you think will cause you the most trouble?

Our team is quite decent but of course, other teams in the Group Stage are quite experienced compared to us.

We strongly feel all other teams are going to be hard competitors for us in the group stage.

Considering you are currently second in the Group Stage, what place would satisfy you at the end of the season?

We will try our best to get the first place  in the standings by the end of the season, at least that's what we're aiming for!

What do you think is the main strength of your team?

Our main strength is our In game leader - boltzie.  

When he leads, those are the only words we focus on.

I would also like to point out our teamwork as that is also a very strong aspect of our team.

What is your opinion of the Asian scene in general?

I think Asian scene is the most exciting one, because all of the teams have their own unique playing style, and it's really fun to watch and play against.

Any words for the fans?

I would just like to say to our fans to keep supporting IFM and we will try to never let you down. We're new to the competitive scene, and at times that can be very hard for us.

Nevertheless, we're going to try our best.

We'd like to thank Twistadude for the interview, and we hope IFM keeps on delivering in the upcoming weeks as well!

You can follow Infamous on - @IFMeSports

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