Turkish team Metaphor set to challenge Europe's best

February 28, 2019 18:12

It’s not that common in the European Critical Ops scene to see a team that only consists of a single nationality.

Turkish team Metaphor is one of the up and coming teams that’s holding onto that principle.

In the interview with their team leader RasH, we talk about their recent comeback to the scene, Team Liquid event, and latest update among other things.


Tell us more about your lineup and the player's roles in the team.

Metaphor got disbanded back in October.

Some of our players quit the game, but others who didn’t quit the game, have created a team called “Team Exalt” which is a Turkish speaking team as well.

After some time the ones who quit the game decided to come back to the scene and reborn Metaphor.

Metaphor is still a Turkish speaking clan and only Turkish players can join Metaphor as before.

We have 8 people on team 4 are old players and known by you guys.

Those are lili, RasH, reax and Rebelion.

The team also consists of the new guns which are Twirll, merrily, Crawl and Exlish.

The roles of each player are not defined just yet.

Did you take part in any ESL cups yet and how well did you do?

Unfortunately, we have missed all the ESL cups as we were disbanded at that time.

We had plans to return and play ESL but sadly we didn’t do it.

I hope there will be more ESL tourneys where we will be participating for sure and getting a good placement.

By getting prepared and trying our best.

What is your take on the upcoming Team Liquid cup and are you going to take part in it?

Unfortunately, the event is invite only, and since we disbanded not so long ago, everyone forgot about us so we didn't get the invite.

Of course, everyone heard about Team Liquid cup and I hope it will be a successful event.

They have big potential to influence the game.

Maybe next time they will host an open tournament where we will have a chance to prove ourselves.

What do you think about the recent patch and the addition of the Vector?

I think the game is doing really good with the updates, but esports part definitely needs to step up.

At the moment, there are no major events going around.

Regarding vector, I'd say it's very useful, and the damage is good.

I would say the weapon is ideal for short range and I will most likely use it.

Share your thoughts on the current state on the European scene and how would you rate your team against the rest of the competition.

The European scene is going well and there are plenty of strong teams that can all beat each other.

In my opinion, Metaphor will soon start challenging the top teams, we just need to make small changes to our gameplay.

We're already challenging the rest of the competition, just not as much as we would like to.

What would you like to see in the future updates?

I think the game should focus more on the esports scene rather than on updates.

I would like to see defuse maps and new guns, definitely some new lit skins but before that, we need some fixes as better anti-cheat needs to be a bit better.

Goals for the upcoming months.

Now our aim is just to get better chemistry in between the players and of course to have better individual gameplay.

I didn’t say we have a bad individual skill, I said we need even better individual skill and to achieve this, we are working hard daily to get back to the peak as before.

All of our players are well experienced and they are taking the game in a very serious way.

We have a very good and respectful team.

On top of that, the most important thing is for us is to perform well in future Valiance events.

Anything to share with your fans?

I would like to say to our fans or let’s say to our community that never give up, even if there are a lot of haters out there.

In the end, all that hate will make you become better.

Communicating in a native language is certainly an advantage that Metaphor is going to have compared to the other teams.

The question is – Will that be enough for them to come out on top?

We’d like to thank RasH for providing us the in-depth answers, and we wish them the best of luck.

You can Metaphor at - @MetaphorTeam

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