Trade Tokens are coming to Clash Royale

September 5, 2018 11:53

Let’s go over briefly want will be coming in the new September update which will be dropping very soon!

A huge and new mechanic coming into the game will be Trade Tokens.

Essentially with these Trade Tokens, you will be able to trade cards with clanmates.

How does this work?

You can win these Tokens in Clan Wars, all types of challenges, special events, and even in the daily item shop.

Keep in mind we don’t know the cost and how hard it will be to achieve these Tokens.

A Common Token will get you 250 common cards, a Rare Token will get you 50 rare cards, the Epic Token will get you 10 epic cards and finally, the Legendary Token will get you 1 legendary card to trade.

To start trading (once getting the tokens) you can request these cards and will be taken to a screen similar to this after pressing the request button:

Click on the card you want and it will prompt you to pick the card you want to also give away.

After this, it will be in your clan chat where it will sit there without getting lost until someone decided to accept your trade.

Whenever a clanmate of yours decides to accept, you will get an indicator letting you know that the trade was complete.

Before anyone accepts your deal, you can always cancel the trade if you suddenly have a change of plan. Just make sure to do it before someone actually accepts your deal!

In addition to this new system, a new card called the Goblin Giant will be released!

This will be a 6 elixir epic card that will be unlockable in the Jungle Arena.

This card will have a tank in addition to two Spear Goblins on his back that will drop down once the main tank dies off.

As this is being written before the update drop, we still don’t know the core statistics of this card but, we do know that he will be one of the fastest building targeting tanks in the game!

That’s not all!

There will also be a new card level system that will be implemented to help newer players understand tournament standards and card leveling.

Basically, this means that all card will max out at level 13 and continue to be tournament standard at level 9.

Thankfully, this won’t change the strength values of any of the current cards.

A level 13 legendary card will get the same stats as the current level 5 legendary card.

This will also apply to epics and rares as well.

Another thing to remember is due to the rarity of the cards, rare cards will unlock at level 3, epics unlocking already at level 6 and legendary cards will be starting off at level 9.

Commons will stay the same as they already go up until level 13.

So judging by these changes, the September update will increase epic levels by 5, rare levels by 2, and legendary levels by 8.

As mentioned before, commons will remain the same.

In case it still doesn’t make sense to you, here’s a graphic as well showing off the new levels that will be implemented.

One thing to note is we don’t know how card leveling and pricing will work with this new system quite yet.  

I personally really don’t like the changes done to the card levels as it really isn’t that hard to learn how the current levels work, but again that’s just my opinion of this aspect of the update.

Let’s see the impact of it and its overall reception first.

Finally, there are also some smaller changes coming to this update.

In 2v2 battles, you can now see your teammates elixir and while spectating a 2v2 you can see who placed what card.

The health of the King Tower will be displayed more prominently and all gold won in wars will be placed in “gold sack” after each Clan War.

Also, you will be able to use emotes in clan chat!

This was a pretty large update indeed!

What do you guys think of it so far?

As usual, let us know in the comments!

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