Top tier players caught cheating yet again

February 24, 2018 18:31

Recent events in the Critical Ops professional scene definitely changed the things how they used to be.

Yet again we see players that play in the highest tier of competition get caught for using private cheats.

Here is the list of players that have been caught this time;

1.    Elite

2.    Jackson (Jacksxn)

3.    vLoec (not in Premier League)

4.    imGoon (not in Premier League)

The most surprising ban is for sure the one including „Gankstars“, currently the best team in the Critical Ops professional scene.

As soon as the news got out, „Gankstars“ dealt with the issue in the quick and decisive manner by removing „Elite“, showing to everyone how important is the integrity of competitive play for their organization.

This is what Gankstars' "Judgement" had to say about the incident -

"It is highly unfortunate that "Elite" was found to be hacking. and sadly these hacks are undetectable and catching them by any means currently available is impossible.

However, GS is full of passionate and dedicated individuals so do not let one hackers actions ruin your entire view of the organization".

The second ban involves a player named „Jackson“, who is the member of the North American team – „Impreza“.

It's especially sad to see, considering this is the first time Impreza has made it to the Premier League.

Here is what Impreza’s “Jeshon” told us -

“In the beginning, when "Jackson" started getting “good” we had suspicions that he was hacking.

But we weren’t sure. Weeks past he stayed the same we didn’t bother to ask cause we are really close to him.

I heard from “Evo” that he asked and said that "Jackson" said no he wasn’t.

We all thought he just got really good cuz he has been having fun.

But in the end, he did hack and it killed everyone’s vibe.

The fact that we trusted him and he lied to us. “Jackson” personally called me and told me the truth and said he was sorry.

He asked “should I just come out with it because it’s undetectable,” I told him to just come out with it and let everyone know.

Then after that, we kicked him from the team".

Due to the fact that "Jackson" did play in all of the matches so far for „Impreza“ in the Critical Ops Winter Season, all of the matches will be nullified, and the score will be set as 0:13 in favor of teams they have played against.

Gankstars matches will stay as they are, as „Elite“ didn't take part in any of them.

Finally, we won't punish both of the teams (Gankstars and Impreza) with the disqualification from the league, as they shouldn't be responsible for the mistakes that have been made by a single individual.

We are sure that they will recover from this incident and we hope that this has been a lesson to everyone, as cheaters eventually always get caught.

Everyone should play in a legit way, and the results will come your way in time.

Hard work pays off.

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