Top Teams Will Face Off In Critical Ops Spring Invitational

April 13, 2018 11:15

It's been a bit more than 2 weeks since the Critical Ops Winter Season has finished.

We've seen a lot of exciting and thrilling matches.

Some of the teams proved yet again that they are the best their region has to offer, while other teams showed us that anything is possible if you put in the effort and hard work.

But we just can’t get enough C-Ops and already thirst for more C-Ops.

Don’t you too?

That’s why it’s about time to announce something new!

Our next tournament is going to be „Critical Ops Spring Invitational“.

It will start on the 22nd of April and it's going to last until 27th of May.

This one is going to be very different from the Winter Season.

First, there aren't going to be any open qualifiers for the tournament and all of the participating teams have received a direct invite.

We are also going to merge the regions into following pairs:

•    Europe & Asia

•    North America & South America

The teams will be placed directly into a Playoff bracket which is going to consist of 8 teams.

The top half of the bracket will feature teams from one region and the bottom half teams from another region.

The winners of both regions will meet in the Grand Finals and determine who is going to be crowned as the Spring Champion.

Both finalists are going to receive following prizes;

  • 1st place -  1000$

  • 2nd place - 500$

All of the matches in the Playoff bracket will be played in the Single-Elimination format.

The team that loses the series will be eliminated from the tournament.

Quarterfinals and Semifinals will be played in a best-of-three format, while the Grand Finals will be played in a best-of-five.

We have decided to invite the two Winter Season finalists of every region, as well as two other teams that we find to be very skilled and interesting.

Here is a list of teams that will battle it out in the Spring Invitational:


  1. Nova eSports

  2. Team Elevate

  3. SetToDestroyX

  4. Team Dynasty



  1. Learn from Past (LEFP)

  2. Infamous

  3. CSPG Immortals

  4. Kings Demise


South America

  1. Battalion

  2. Insanity Killers

  3. NeverBelieved

  4. V4lhalla


North America

  1. Gankstars

  2. D2R

  3. SpacestationGG

  4. IFL

This time the live streams are going to air only on Sundays, allowing you to catch all of the Critical Ops action in a single day.

Here is the list of  our streaming days (the starting time will be announced later on):

  • Week 1 SA & NA / Sunday / 22nd  April  (Quarterfinals)

  • Week 2 AS & EU / Sunday / 29th  April  (Quarterfinals)

  • Week 3 SA & NA / Sunday / 06th May   (Semifinals)

  • Week 4 AS & EU / Sunday / 13th  May (Semifinals)

  • Week 5 SA & NA / Sunday / 20th May (Grand Finals)

  • Week 6 AS & EU / Sunday / 27th May (Grand Finals)

We hope you like the changes we've prepared for this season and we expect to see you on the live stream supporting your favorite teams!

Make sure to watch the stream on Youtube ( and also follow our Twitter ( for the latest updates.

Let us know what you think about the changes in the comments!

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