top 5 best arena of valor heroes february 2018

February 12, 2018 17:30

As the array of heroes available in Arena of Valor expands, the meta shifts accordingly.

Starting with this month, February 2018, we will be highlighting the heroes that reign supreme in the current metagame on a monthly basis in order to help you choose the most optimal characters.

There have been a lot of new releases in the past couple of months.

Some have had a cataclysmic impact on the metagame, others remain inferior to old heroes who have been at the top of the food chain since time immemorial (*cough* Violet *cough*).


No matter how many times or how hard she has been nerfed, Violet remains the best performing hero in the game. This is largely because of her ability design, which cannot be nerfed without a complete overhaul.

Her first ability, “Tactical Fire” is notorious for its absurd power level and versatility - giving her the best range in the game and a low-cooldown mobility tool.

Moreover, “(Un)tactical Fire” has become a meme on the Internet due to its sheer strength and ironic name.

In short, Violet is great at all stages of the game, against all heroes, in any circumstances.

You cannot go wrong with her, and I suspect that is not going to change anytime soon.


In most PvP games, and especially in MOBAs, heroes who have a lot of mobility tend to be the strongest.

This is certainly the case in Arena of Valor, where Murad is convincingly one of the best assassins in the game due to his incredible movement abilities.

Aside from the power level of his abilities, it is important to underline the low cooldown of them as well. This works in his favor for several reasons.

First, it is extremely easy to survive with Murad as you can get out of a tough spot as soon as you get into one.

Second, you can try to kill your enemies over and over again after failed assassination attempts and you will eventually succeed. Just spam that Temporal Turbulence!


Superman is the newest addition to the group of overpowered heroes, and he is here to save the day if you are unskilled and/or untalented; don’t worry, you can still win as long as you pick Superman (or Violet - never forget Violet).

Do you remember that subtle point that I may have implicitly hinted at before? Just in case you have forgotten: MOBILITY IS THE KEY TO VICTORY, and Superman has mobility in spades.

Heck, the man can literally fly!

His roaming potential is out of this world. He is the kryptonite to immobile carries.

On top of it all, his burst damage is SUPERb (okay I’ll stop - moving on!)


Lauriel is your bread and butter of good heroes, she simply has it all - you name it!

Tons of mobility? Check.

Massive burst damage? Check.

Survivability and sustain? Gotcha!

There are a few traps you need to avoid when picking Lauriel, however.

First of all, she is not the easiest hero to learn compared to other prominent carries on this list.

Secondly, if she falls behind in the early game, she becomes substantially less useful as the game goes on.

If you want to invest your time into mastering a solid, well-rounded hero whose toolkit rewards good plays, then Lauriel is the perfect fit for you!


Windwalker monks are looking great in the newest World of Warcraft patch - oh wait, wrong game!

Zuka is an excellent fighter who arguably has the best solo play-making potential in the entire game.

If you are one of those socially inept players who always blame their teammates for everything and want to play the game on their own, there is no hero in the game better tailored towards your playstyle.

Zuka’s ability kit is the perfect combination of hard CC, swift movement, offense, and defense. It is not uncommon to see Zuka players 1v2 opponents with ease!

However, the reason why this hero takes the last spot is that he tends to fall off drastically in the late game.

Better wrap your match up quickly if you go for this character!

Don’t throw in the mid-game!


That concludes the first monthly top 5 Arena of Valor hero list by Valiance.

Make sure to try these heroes out and give us your thoughts on their (un)viability.

If you disagree with our choices, let us know why!

In the meanwhile, good luck owning your opponents in ranked mode!


Written by Robert Raos

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