Throne and Vision Gaming leading the pack in Europe after week #3

August 24, 2018 18:04

Vision Gaming has been looking impeccable so far in the European part of the competition.

However, Team Throne is currently first up on the leaderboard, since they have a better round balance overall.

Here is a breakdown of what we've seen in the third week of the season.

Close than it should be

Vision gaming vs SetToDestroyX

Map: Bureau

Vision Gaming started the game off on the Counter-Terrorist side and in the first round, SetToDestroyX opted to rush the B bomb spot.

Both StDX's „ZEN“ and „Overload“  got the entry kills for their team, however, a great play by „DyN“ and „QuaredY“ got the round for VG in the end.

VG had no issue winning the following eco round.

In the first gun round of the game, VG's „Kuba“ landed some nice frgs with the shotgun, which allowed his team to stop yet another B bomb spot take.

VG was once again able to claim the eco round, but the 5th round of the match went to StDX's favor, thanks to „Overload's“ quadra kill on the B bomb spot.

In the 6th round, both StDX's „Mr Bates“ and „ZEN“ found the entry kills on „QuaredY“ and „Angel“, followed by a double frag from „Exo“.

This left VG's „DyN“ in a one-versus-four situation where he couldn't deliver.

Vision Gaming decided to force buy in the next round and it all worked in their favor, as „Angel“ and „QuaredY“ won the two-versus-two against „Exo“ and „Overload“.

SetToDestroyX went for a late A bomb spot push in the 8th round, but that didn't work as VG's defense was ready.

Both „Angel“ and „DyN“ got a double kill to end the round.

The next two rounds also went in favor of Vision Gaming, with the latter one putting „Angel“ in one-versus-two situation on the B bomb spot where he was able to deny the bomb plant.

Until the end of the half, SetToDestroyX couldn't win a single round, resulting with them entering the second half with an 8 rounds deficit.

Once the sides swapped, StDX's showed a stellar defense on the B bomb spot, as VG only managed to get a single kill in this round.

This put Vision Gaming on an eco, where StDX's „ZEN“, „Overload“ and „Mr Bates“ found some easy frags to stop the push.

In the next round, StDX made a huge mistake, as they got picked off slowly by pistols.

Ultimately, it resulted in them losing the round.

DyN“ had a huge role in the round, as he landed the two opening frag for the team.

The round after that, StDX decided to play very aggressively, which paid off as both „Mr Bates“ and „Zen“ were able to find a double frag each on their sides of the map.

Mr Bates“ showed great performance in the 17th round as well, as he got two entry kills with U-ratio and grenade, making it very hard for Vision Gaming to turn it around.

The 18th round came down to teeth, as StDX's „DearBear“ was put into a one-versus-two situation against VG's „DyN“ and „Strong“.

Fortunately for SetToDestroyX, he was able to deliver on the B bomb spot and also get the defuse in time.

For the next three rounds, Vision Gaming was hitting the brick wall, as the defense of both bomb spot was on point for SetToDestroyX, resulting in them always surviving with at least three people.

In the 22nd round, Vision Gaming just rush the A-bomb spot and it all came down to two-versus-two.

This time, it was StDX's „Exo“ stepping it up big time with the shotgun as he got both kills on „DyN“ and „Kuba“.

After that, Vision Gaming was finally able to get back on track and close out the game.

First, their B bomb spot execute worked, thanks to superb play by „QuaredY“ and „Strong“, who wiped out the entire team.

In the last round of the match, Vision Gaming got the bomb planted on the B bomb spot.

This left „Exo“ and „Mr Bates“ in a very difficult situation where they couldn't deliver.

Vision Gaming won the game with 13:11 scoreline.

Solid performance by S2 Gaming on CT

S2 Gaming vs Team Legacy

Map: Plaza

S2 Gaming started off strong on the Terrorist side, and it took Team Legacy 5 rounds until they were finally able to get some rounds on the board.

Until the end of the half, Legacy managed to narrow down the score gap and enter the second half with 2 rounds difference.

Team Legacy got the pistol round once the sides swapped, but S2's „Grizz“ and „xGeNeS1s“ won the two-versus-two which brought the game back to S2 Gaming.

Until the end of the game, Team Legacy couldn't really find a way to breach the defense of S2 Gaming, resulting in them only winning 1 more round.

S2 Gaming won the game with 13:8 scoreline.

Total dominance by SetToDestroyX

SetToDestroyX vs Team Elevate

Map: Legacy

Elevate was forced to play this match with only four players.

Needless to say, that's a very hard task for any team.

They also had to start on the Counter-Terrorist side, which is definitely hard to play with one player less.

SetToDestroyX won the game with 13:3 scoreline.

Great comeback by S2 Gaming

S2 Gaming vs Throne

Map: Legacy

It took S2 Gaming six rounds before they were able to win their first round on the Terrorist side.

Fortunately, they were able to scrap some rounds and finish the half with 5:7 scoreline.

Once the sides swapped, Throne won the pistol round and continued with a stellar performance.

After that, S2 Gaming was able to mount a huge comeback and not allow Throne to win a single round until the end of the game.

S2 Gaming won the match with 13:11 scoreline.

Team Throne and Vision Gaming and first right now, but the playoffs might be the completely different tale.

Who do you see as the favorite?

Please let us know in the comments!

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