Three teams dominating in the first week of SA

February 19, 2018 16:11

The first game day of the South American Group Stage brought us a lot of interesting matches and some surprising results.

Here is the breakdown of what we've seen on stream!

Nerds in Arms got everything under control (Never Believed vs Nerds in Arms)

The map for this matchup was Legacy.

NB started the match as CTs, winning the first two rounds in a convincing fashion.

But as soon as "Nerds in Arms" acquired the guns they wanted, they won three rounds in a row.

The clutch by NB's „Dr-iZi“ in the fifth round against NiA's „Reziq“ meant a lot for the NB's side and brought the game back into balance.

Until the end of the half, both teams were trading rounds, but Nerds In Arms were a bit better and went into the second part of the match with a two round lead.

In the first pistol round after the side swap, „Dr iZi“ made a huge blunder by not being able to kill NiA's „SEM1“ who wasn't even looking at him in the 1v1 situation.

After that, Never Believed just fell apart and were unable to win a single round until the end of the match, allowing Nerds in Arms to win it with a 13:5 scoreline.

Screen Shot shouldn't be taken lightly (NT Gaming vs Screen Shot)

Team Screen Shot made it to the Group Stages through the ladder system, but only once „MILICIA - FPS Mobile” got disqualified, and we were very curious to see how they would perform.

The match was played on Grounded.

SS’ “Prinho” was the hero of the pistol round, as he managed to get four great kills and therefore secure the round for the terrorists and his team.

The next two rounds also went to team "Screen Shot" without too many troubles.

In the fourth round, NT’s “Swety” got the first round for his team, but only once he won the duel with SS’ “JC DO TREM BALA”.

Screen Shot’s duo (“PirinhO_ and “JC DO TREM BALA”) pulled an insane play in the ninth round as they turned the 2v3 situation into their favor.

In the 10th round “JC DO TREM BALA” had already made 21 frags, making it one of the greatest performances we’ve seen on this map.

The rest of the rounds also went into Screen Shot’s favor, which wasn’t a big surprise as the map is well known for favoring the terrorists.

SS ended the half with a commanding 9:3 lead.

Once the sides swapped,  Screen Shot got another pistol round, as  “Pirinho” and “Ova sz” showed us how to defuse the bomb in a 2v1 situation against “Swety”.

After that, it was hard to expect “NT Gaming” to come back, as they couldn’t get a proper buy and the much needed entry kills.

At the end, Screen Shot won the match with a 13:3 scoreline, showing that they definitely deserve their spot in the Critical Ops Winter Season Group Stage.

We can’t wait to see more of them, as they showed some exhilarating play in their first game.

Just another day for the New Era Team (New Era Team vs Insanity Killers)

Looking at the matchups, this was probably the most anticipated match of the week, as “New Era Team” performed very well in the previous season, and “Insanity Killers” are one of the most promising teams in the region.

The match was played on Bureau.

In the first two rounds, IK showed great rotations and positioning, which allowed them to secure those rounds fairly easily.

In the third round, New Era Team’s well-known player “1MX” clutched against IK’s “yNotCamp”, allowing his team to get on the scoreboard and this was just the beginning.

During the sixth round, NET won the 2v4 after plant situation on the “B” bomb spot, thanks to “Gxllins and “mihxwk” who played it perfectly.

We’ve seen yet another clutch going into the favor of NET as “Lc Sheik” won the duel versus “Davyzin” in the next round.

It took 7 rounds for Insanity Killers to get back on the scoreboard, and the half ended with a 9:3 scoreline going into New Era Team’s favor.

After the side swap, Insanity Killer secured the pistol round.

However, NET’s “mihxwk” quickly destroyed their hopes and dreams, as he got a triple kill in the eco round, which was a blow Insanity Killers never recovered from

NET got the rest of the rounds without too many troubles and claimed a 13:4 victory.

We were surprised to see ”Insanity Killers” go down fairly easily.

However, it’s just week one as there is still a plenty of time for them to step up their games and fight for the top spots.

That’s it for the week number one in the South America.

Make sure to tune in at to watch us next week as well!

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