Thesk: Team Exile wants to make a name for itself

July 12, 2018 15:07

As you already know, the North American Critical Ops scene is currently the toughest one to compete in.

Most of the players in the top teams are so skilled that any one of them is capable of single handedly turning the round into the favor of his team.

Still, every now and then a new team that looks surprisingly promising comes around.

One such team is definitely Team Exile.

Right now, they’re playing in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers and they have a great chance to advance to the Group Stage.

In order to get to know the team and what their goals are, we decided to talk with their captain – Thesk.

Enjoy the interview!

Hello Thesk!

Can you please walk us through your lineup and tell us how long have you been playing together?

Players of Team Exile are:









As for the player roles we aren't in agreement yet, but things are slowly but surely getting better.

Also, we've been playing together for a few weeks so far and I'm definitely seeing improvements from the team.

You have several notable names in the team, such as „Obzerps“, who used to play for Gankstars, and „Retroz“, who played for both D2R and IMP.

Are such players the driving force of the team, or would you say that experience is not that important?


These players are the ones with the most knowledge of the game and the most experience knowing they played for and against these top teams.

How do you feel about best-of-one elimination format of the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers?

Very serious, no joking around in any of the matches or it’ll be the end of us for the entire season.

Looking at the bracket, who would you point out as the toughest opponent and why?

I'm not very sure about these teams but from what I've heard, “Team Virus5” seems to be the toughest team in the brackets.

If you make it to the Group Stages, you will meet the likes of Gankstars, Hammers eSports, D2R, and Impreza.

Would you say that your team is able to compete against top tier teams?

We just need to practice a lot more and adapt to these top teams.

If we do so, we will be able to compete in the Group Stages.

North America is the strongest C-Ops region at the moment.

There were some recent roster changes that made some teams even stronger. Which team is in the best shape right now in your opinion?

This is very hard to agree but judging from the looks, it would be Gankstars.

They definitely have shown to be the biggest and strongest team to ever compete in Critical Ops.

Hammers Esports are on the come up as well.

You stated that you are looking for an organization on Twitter.

Why is it important for you to represent an organization and what do you expect to get in return?

It's very important to represent an organization, because it will draw a lot more players into the game and help the game and community grow.

I would rather not discuss what I'm expecting to get in return.

What are your team’s goals in the next 3 months?

The main goal is to definitely make a name for ourselves, and compete at the top tier level.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

I'm back boys!

We’d like to wish Team Exile the best of luck and we hope to see them playing in the Group Stage once it begins.

What do you think about Team Exile?

Would you say they stand a chance against some of the better known teams?

Let us know in the comments!

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