The Goblin Giants Tips

September 12, 2018 13:34

“This jolly green Goblin Giant stomps towards enemy buildings. He carries two Spear Goblins everywhere he goes. It’s a weird but functional arrangement”

Before we go into some tips and strategy on how to use the new Goblin Giant, let’s go over his basics first.

The Goblin Giant is essentially a win condition that can defend somewhat against air units (with the Spear Goblins).

He’s actually pretty nimble for a win condition card and the Spear Goblins are definitely a nice addition to his back.

I believe he's also one of the fastest building targeting cards in the game.

Whenever the main tank goes down, the Spear Goblins jump out of his sack and continue on the attack!

I personally feel this card will actually get buffed as it’s hardly being used in the meta currently because it’s too weak.

It really doesn’t feel like a tank.

As he is one of the fastest win condition cards, try pushing down one lane and then also pressure the other lane with this card.

The only reason I would recommend doing this is that the Goblin Giant can also attack air units with his Spear Goblins, making him, even more, deadlier even though he would be alone in that scenario.

Goblin Giant with a Zap spell is a great and deadly combination.

Since this card can hit air units, cards such as the Minion Horde or Minions could be zapped while the Spear Goblins finish up the job.

In addition, don’t waste the Zap against units like the Goblins or Bats as the Spears do great in cleaning them up.

The Goblin Giant is also great against buildings due to his trusty Spear Goblins as they can target these buildings.

Spawners (especially the Tomb Stone) will get absolutely demolished due to this cards ability to hit back.

Even the Inferno Tower will be somewhat easier to deal with as even if the Giant goes down, the Goblins can continue distracting the Inferno Tower.

Due to the fact this win condition card can attack back, the Goblin Giant could also be used in defenses.

For example against a Graveyard poison combination, placing the Giant in the back will let his Spear Goblins attack the Skeletons while the Giant himself tanks these Skeletons.

After they finish up the Graveyard, they can counter push into enemy territory!

Using faster troops such as the Dark Knight or Prince will let his Spear Goblins latch on to the tower faster, dealing insane amounts of damage!

Raging the Giant is also a good idea as he would be able to go even faster!

I also found out this card is great against Mortar or Xbow.

While the Giant tanks the hits, the Spear Goblins can continue chipping away at these structures.

You can also use the Goblin Giant to kite, as they would be able to attack back and also start up a counter push.

To kite, place the Giant near the bridge and troops will follow him.

This strategy works much better with this card than other win conditions due to the Giant’s speed and ability to attack back.  

After it gets some sort of buff soon, this card will be exceptionally good mainly due to the fact the Spear Goblins on his back provide such good value in taking out other units while the Giant tanks.

That aspect is what makes this card great on paper.

It’s pretty much a built-in support troop in addition to others you would place behind this card.

Hopefully, these tips helped!

Let us know your thoughts about the Goblin Giant and strategies you personally use with this card!

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