Teams to look out for in Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers

July 10, 2018 17:30

The Valiance Summer Season qualifiers have been going on for a bit more than a week now.

The qualifiers are played in a best-of-one format, which leaves a lot of room for potential upsets.

In the end, only teams that are performing on a high level at all times can endure this unforgiving format.

One slip up and you’re out.

Only the winners of each bracket are going to advance to the Group Stage and get a chance to compete with some of the best Critical Ops teams around.

Here is a list of teams that we see as favorites in the qualifiers.



Just by looking at the bracket, it is clear that "We Love Gaming eSports" (WLG) is the favorite to advance to the Group Stage.

During the „Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring 2018“ they were able to top their group and also beat one of the strongest teams in Europe in the first round of the playoffs – "SetToDestroyX".

The roster of the team has been playing together for a very long time (7 months), which should definitely give them an edge over the other teams, especially since a lot of them formed just before the beginning of the event.

Then there’s "Team Legacy", led by the former leader of Nova eSports – "bLake".

With him being such an experienced leader, it wouldn't be surprising to see them pull off some upsets in the qualifiers.

Considering it's a best of one, no team should underestimate this team.

On the other side of the bracket, "Team Viral" recently picked up a team previously known as "Throne".

They are also one of the favorites to make it out of the qualifiers.

However, "Mullet Mafia" (MFA) should have an edge here, since they're the team that has actually made it to the „Critical Ops 5on5 Open League Spring 2018“ Grand Finals.

On the road to the finals they've managed to beat „Lunatix“, „WLG“ and „iFM“, which is a huge accomplishment for this team.

In the end they lost to „Kings Demise“, but that's nothing to be ashamed of.


The first team that comes to mind is definitely "Xion", a new team that was recently formed by a member of team Infamous - “Mapple” (Gakky)

With the likes of „Twistadude“ and “Natsu” in the roster, combined with some newer players, the team has a good chance of grabbing a spot in the group.

"Team AyX" is also in the first part of the bracket, meaning they are likely to play versus „Xion“ for the spot in the Group Stage.

We've seen the Japanese team play in the Critical Ops Winter Season where they’ve ended up 5th in the Group with victories over „No Mercy“ and „Awakened“.

This was their first showing versus the elite Asian teams and it happened back in March, so they had a lot of time to polish their game.

The second part of the bracket is a little bit harder to predict.

The most likely scenario is to see „Hawkeyes“ going up against „BEG4MERCY Official“ for the spot in the group.

We would give a slight edge to „Hawkeyes“, since they have several skilled players we've seen perform in the past, such as „BladeZZ“, „Flashee“ and „Xneutrino“.

"The Nefarious" also can’t be counted out.

In their next match where they will play against “Hawkeyes”.

Snax” is an ex-member of team Infamous, and together with “Boltzie” and “Osnax”, the team should be capable of putting up a fight against anyone.

North America

"Team Exile" are without a doubt the favorites to get out of the qualifiers.

Obzerps“, who used to play for "Gankstars", „Retroz“, who represented both „D2R“ and „IMP“, and „Thesk“ are just some of the names from their lineup.

They have plenty of experience and we're fairly sure they are going to survive the best-of-one elimination matches.

The team that can potentially upset them is „Uprising“, but that's very unlikely to happen since the skill gap between the players seems to be way too big.

The second part of the bracket should be a bloodbath without a clear favorite, since most of the teams don't have many standout players.

We do think that „Team Virus 5“ has a good chance of advancing to the Group Stage.

Their victory is the most likely scenario, but still far from certain.

Do you think our predictions are on point?

Let us know which teams you’d like to see advance to the Group Stage!

The Qualifiers will finish on 20th of July and the battles in the Group Stage will begin on 28th!

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