Team Xion: A team on the rise

July 20, 2018 17:02

Team "Xion" was one of the favorites in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers.

Not only did they prove their worth, they did it while losing just 9 rounds in four matches.

To see how they feel about their chances in the Group Stage, we decided to talk with their in-game leader - „Mapple“ (previously known as „Gakky“)

Enjoy the interview!

Hello Mapple!

Please walk us through your lineup and tell us how long have you been playing together?

Hello there!

We've been playing together for more than a couple of months.

Here is our current roster

Maple In-game leader

Acelora - Awper

RojiSecond in-game leader and an entry fragger

HeavenLurker and and second awper

akina/Twistdude - Support

aiko - Support

ElfeeEntry fragger

How important is it to have experienced players like „Twistadude“ and „Natsu“ in the team?

It's great to have such strong players on the roster.

I'd say we have a very good bond with each other and we also played together in the previous season back with team Infamous.

The game is not always revolving around the players you mentioned, but also the other players on the team as well.

Everyone on the team has a big impact on the game.

What was the main reason you parted ways with Infamous considering they were one of the strongest teams in the Asian region?

The biggest reason why we decided to part ways with "Infamous" was the language barrier between the players.

Also, the fact that the relations between the players on the team were not ideal contributed to the fact to leave the team.

This forced us to create our own team.

In my eyes, "Infamous" is the best team in Asia and I wish them good luck in the tournament!

You are the first Asian team to qualify for Valiance Summer Season Group Stage.

Can you walk us through the bracket and tell us who was your toughest opponent along the way?

Well, to be honest, I think all the teams that we faced in the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers were fairly easy to beat and we didn't really feel like there was anyone that could potentially stop us.

In the Group Stage you will face teams like „LEFP“, „Infamous“, „CSPG Gaming“ and „Kings Demise“.

Do you think your team is capable of beating them? Which one do you see as the toughest matchup?

I don't think I can mention any specific team regarding this.

I'd say most of the teams are looking pretty strong and have the potential to win the upcoming Season.

For now, I'd say "CSPG Gaming" is the one with the biggest chances to win.

If we take a look at the scene right now, would you say „CSPG Gaming“ and „LEFP“ are still ahead of other teams in Asia?

Interesting question.

I wouldn't say "CSPG Gaming" and "LEFP" are ahead of anyone else.

"Kings Demise" and we are also very strong and I think we can give them the run for their money.

What result would you be content with in Valiance Summer Season?

We have only one goal coming into the Valiance Summer Season, and that is to win the title.

Anything else we would consider a failure.

Is there something you wish to say to the Critical Ops community or fans?

We'd like to thank fans for supporting us and we're going to prove our worth this season.


Team „Xion“ is looking like a contender in the upcoming Group Stage and it wouldn't surprise us to see them advance to the playoffs.

Do you think this team has what it takes to disrupt the current Asian rankings?

Let us know in the comments!

You can follow team Xion at - @_TeamXioN_

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