Team Viral Returns By Acquiring Team Pharaohs

May 23, 2018 15:48

Recently, a lot of top-tier organizations entered the Critical Ops competitive scene.

Team Viral is one of them.

The organization decided to return to the scene a few weeks ago and acquired a North American team brimming with potential, Team Pharaohs.

The lineup consists of the following players;

- Lethal

- Karma

- xGodHack

- Shoddy

- Tetillo


- Ethernal

- Infinity

- Mara

To learn more about this we decided to have a word with Duck, the head of the organization.

We talked about why they decided to return to the Critical Ops eSports scene, benefits they’ll provide to their players, and more.


Hello Duck!

What was the main reason you decided to return to the C-Ops scene?

The main reason we jumped back into the Critical Ops scene is because the developers support the scene like no other FPS mobile game.

Not only that, we already have roots in the game from the start.

What kind of benefits do you offer your players?

We have tons of benefits to offer to a new team when they join Team Viral, of course we can't disclose them all, but one of the few things that we can help with is getting familiar with content and engaging with their presence on social media; we feel that there are only a select few players in the scene that do this well and we plan to have the whole starting lineup involved.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Critical Ops competitive scene?

My thoughts on the current state of the scene, is that it is still very young, which has its ups and downs.

Overall, the developers seem to be doing a good job; people like you and the rest of the Valiance team make the scene great and welcoming.

It's only a matter of time before there is more growth for this already growing community.

I have noticed that there is a lot of downtime in between tournaments and leagues, which is something I'm sure will get sorted in due time.

We haven't seen Pharaohs in action since the last Winter Season League.

How does the team plan to progress in order to become a regular competitor?

Yes, we plan on playing everything ESL and Valiance.

I'm sure with the scene being currently how it is, we will see multiple leagues and tournaments being put up from time to time.

Have you set any goals you wish to accomplish in the near future?

Of course the main goal as of right now is to make sure we get into as many leagues as possible, but we also have a few different team goals from ingame to out of game, as of now we want to get them under wraps but we will share more soon.

Anything you’d like to say to the community?

Yes, a massive thank you to everyone for welcoming us back into the scene.

Also, big thank you to the Developers that have been more than helpful on our return and also to the team at Valiance not only for the interview but for playing a huge part in keeping this game active within the competitive scene.

It was a pleasure talking to Duck and we’d like to thank him for the insightful interview.

Team Viral sure looks like a team that could be a dark horse in the North American scene very soon.

We wish them the best of luck!

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