Team Viral is looking to disrupt the European scene

July 25, 2018 16:24

Recently, Team Viral acquired a new European team after their short adventure with the ex-Team Pharaohs lineup.

Just a few days ago, they qualified for the Valiance Summer Season Group Stage.

To find out more about the team and their plans, we had a chat with the team manager - „Smokey

Without further ado, here is the interview!

Hi Smokey, please tell us who are the players in your lineup and what are their roles?

ReST (Entryfragger/Sniper)

DarkSan (In Game Leader)

T-BoX (Rifler)

Loxii (Entryfragger)

PROLORD (Supporter)

Matrix (Supporter/Sniper)

WarGame (Sniper)

6 players of this roster are playing together for months.

"PROLORD" is our recent addition to the team.

He's a new player and he adapted really fast to our gamestyle.

The main 6 is familiar with each other and have built up a good chemistry in these months playing together, and now we're working on building a chemistry with „PROLORD“.

In the Valiance Summer Season Qualifiers, you didn't encounter much of a resistance up until the last two matches against „SVR Team TR“ and „Team Vision“.

Tell us about it.

In the Summer Season Qualifiers we didn’t encounter much of a resistance, but we always were prepared and ready if the teams were actually good.

We didn’t underestimate any team and we played them just like any other top class Team.

However, we thought "Team Visionary" was decent so we were prepared for anything that could occur during that game.

We made sure we win every game in a good fashion.

Can you tell us more about these matches and did you prepare for any team specifically?

After seeing our bracket we didn't expect some team to come up and beat us, however, we always worked hard and played like always to get this group stage place.

Even if it was a team no one heard about we still prepared the map we're gonna play and discussed strategies.

We don't think any team in the brackets could've beat us.

Not so long ago "Team Viral"dropped their previous squad and acquired you as their new team.

How important is it for you to be a part of a known organization?

It's really important for us that we're playing under such a known organization like "Team Viral" since we get recognized now by a lot more people and with an eSports organization, you just realize that this isn't just for fun anymore its serious and professional.

Do you receive salaries or any sort of benefits from the organization?

As of right now, we have no salary, but equipment will be provided in the near future - headsets, iPads and other stuff that will help our team in improving.

The Group Stage is not going to be easy for any team that is taking part.

What team do you think is the strongest one in Europe and why?

In our opinion "Nova eSports" is the strongest European Team right now since they proved in last LAN how good they are and were the best European Team in LAN.

Also "Nova eSports" had the same roster for a long time now means they developed a good chemistry and know each other very well.

How are you going to prepare for the Group Stage?

Is it going to be any different from the qualifiers and are you already preparing for some teams?

We will keep analyzing our enemies, develop counter strategies and practice hard in scrim.

It means the preparation for group stages will be slightly different than the preparation for the Qualifiers since we play tier 1 teams.

And yes we are currently scrimming other Group stages teams already and looking out for weak points.

What do you think of your chances of making it to the playoffs?

What result would you be satisfied with?

I think the chances for „Team Viral“ for making it into the playoffs isn't bad.

We are an upcoming team with a lot potential and can use the surprise effect to our advantage.

We already beat good teams in scrims and are optimistic that we can beat any team in the Group Stages if we work hard enough.

I think if we would end up 3rd or 4th in the Summer Season it would be great already, however, we will try our best to finish off 2nd or even 1st place that we can secure a cash prize.

Any words for your fans and followers?

Yes, thank you guys so much for supporting us on our way we are really thankful to have such a great community, expect a lot coming from us we won't disappoint you!

We also wanna thank the lovely interviewer from Valiance for setting up this interview.

Thank you!

A lot of things can happen in the European part of the tournament since a lot of teams have a realistic chance of securing the number one spot.

It’s going to be an exciting season!

We'd like to wish Team Viral good luck and we hope that they will show us some great games during the Summer Season.

You can follow team at - @ThroneUp

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