Team Viral is back!

April 24, 2019 19:43

Team Viral is back in Critical Ops!

This time, they have acquired a prominent team called Legend.

Surintsu is the one answering our questions regarding their joining of the organization and the goals for the future among other things.


Back at the beginning of February, we've made an interview with your team which was called Legend at the time.

Can you introduce us the changed you've made to your roster in the recent past?

Over the time we have very much established a new roster, with the goal of creating a team with chemistry rather than one with past competitive experience so we all can grow in a better mindset and solely focus on improving in as a team with a comfortable group of friends.

With all of us having 1-13 years of prior chemistry with each other.

Our new lineup consists of the following players;

Main 5

Slinkz (Captain,Entry), Mirage (Support/Captain), Gold (Lurker), Wisher (Entry), Aspy (Sniper)


Frosteh (Support), Light (Entry), Sage (Bomb Carrier)


Tseph (Entry/Sniper)

In the past, you also had BlueIce as your head coach.

How come did you end up parting ways?

We ended parting ways as we had different sets of goals and viewpoints of the game, at one point it was decided he continues playing a different variety of games while Legend/TeamViral as a team will focus directly and only on COPS.

Now, you've also been acquired by Team Viral, an organization that was present in the past in Critical Ops.

Tell us the story of how this happened.

I first contacted TeamViral with the mindset of having a relationship with one another that will benefit for the best of one another. With their previous experience with Cops teams, there was little hope in getting picked up.

However, Duck and Sxlo didn’t think so.

They believed we had the potential to change not only the viewpoints of Cops itself but Mobile Gaming overall.

What kind of benefits does an organization offer you in order to support the players?

So far we are still in a process of deciding how that will work as we first need to establish a long relationship with one another.

In TeamViral's past experience with picking up Cops teams, there have been issues regarding how long the relationship lasted with one another which lowered the trust within Team Viral had for players in the mobile scene as well as viewpoints of Cops itself.

Now we would like to change that and have a long term relationship as far as Legend and TeamViral.

Name you recent online cups that you've participated in and the results.

Sadly we had rarely competed within tourneys as we had mostly been focusing on ways to improve in the more smaller scrims, before making an appearance within the bigger areas of competition so far.

We do plan to make a show at PolarisGG, and Illyrians NA tourneys.

What's your opinion on the current state of the North American scene?

I do understand people have viewpoints of the scene being dead as far as NA and also overall, but I believe it is possible to make a change.

Things will not be quick, but over time things can definitely change. Already tournaments are making an appearance again like ESL, and TL.

I think more tournaments will be seen as the game progresses.

Although a lot of players have quite a lot of players have been coming back as well, and a lot of new players are making a name for themselves as well.

Goals for the upcoming months?

Our goals within the upcoming months are to be an example to other major organizations, PC Players, Xbox Players, PS4 players have looked down on the mobile competitive scene as they view the games to be too basic, or low in cash prizes.

Team Viral and Legend would like to change this outcome by proving mobile competitive content can be that rivaling equally to PC players and so forth.

Of course, our other goal is to at one point be the champions of the NA Critical Competitive scene as well.

Already we are trying to create a girls team as well like none other as people view girls to be too stupid, or abnormal for all competitive games really.

We don’t judge girls really, and we feel as though they have potential to be professionals if they have the ambition to reach the top.

Anything you want to share with your fans?

Thanks for reading the interview between Team Viral and Valiance have a splendid day.

We’re certain Team Viral has a bright future ahead of them and we would like to thank them for answering our questions.

You can follow Team Viral at - @Surintsu

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