Team Versi: The new challenger on NA scene?

February 11, 2019 19:19

After highlighting several European Critical Ops teams, it’s time to focus on a particular North American team.

Recently, Team Versi has been performing really well in the practice games against some of the best teams around in the scene.

To learn more about the inner workings of their team, we had a chat with Manny.

Hopefully, you will enjoy reading this one.

Tell us which players are currently in your roster and their respective roles in the team.

Our current in-game leader would be Mega who’s up to par with some of the best current in-game leaders in the scene and has proven this by beating top teams in North America.

Our sniper is littleB who’s a very underrated sniper and definitely competes as one of the best snipers.

Also Sneak is a very versatile player who mostly plays support and comes clutch in the most important games.

Corrupt is an essential player being our lurker being able to get key picks when necessary.

Last but certainly not least we have Zakuul who is our entry fragger as well as support being able to make plays.

The best part about our team is that every player is insanely talented on every role depending on the situation which most teams lack having.

You told us that your team managed to get some respectable results in the scrims against some of the best North American teams.

Can you tell us more about it, and did you expect such results?

The team has gone through great preparations and experiences to know what to expect and overcome such teams so yes, we expected these results judging how practice went.

I'm very proud of the team.

God has represented Hammers Esports in the past and has also attended the first ever Critical Ops LAN event.

How important is for you to have him in the team, and does he share his experience and wisdom with other players as well?

God has recently returned from his break and is too soon to say but we are eager to learn what he has to share to the team.

Your team features a lot of newer faces on the scene. In your opinion, which one is the most experience and why?

It would be both Mega and LittleB since they both have joined these top teams in the past, but not as competitive players.

This allowed them to learn from the very best.

By doing that, they received valuable experience that made them the players they are today.

We didn't have a chance to see you yet perform in Valiance events.

Would you say the main goal of your team is to reach the Group Stage phase/playoffs of our event?

Our goal is to win the tourney as a whole as the scene has really felt our presence through this past couple of weeks since we made the team.

We expect nothing less than getting to the playoffs.

Recently, we've seen some top-level players leave their respective teams or go inactive.

In your opinion, does this make it easier for newer players to make a name for themselves and potentially leave a mark in the scene?

It certainly does but at the same time decreases the amount of competition within the scene making the gap within skill very large and fewer top teams/players lasting in the scene.

What would you say is the most important for the team in order to succeed and why?

Adaptation to any situation because teams will find any weak spot you have and knowing how to adapt to it will make you more prepared to face anything.

Say something to the Critical Ops community.

The competitive scene as a whole needs desperate changes.

More esports event would be nice.

The North American scene certainly needs more high caliber teams, especially when we take into consideration that some teams and players have left the scene.

Team Versi had the potential to make a breakthrough, and future events will tell us what direction this tale will take.

You can follow team Versi at - @TeamVersi

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