Team SVR: The best of Turkey

April 9, 2019 16:02

As mentioned several times, the European Critical Ops scene is the most competitive at the moment.

Just recently, Team SVR made a name for themselves by winning the Team Liquid European Qualifier cup and securing the slot at the main event.

To learn more about this Turkish team, we’ve decided to have a chat with KadirKaptan.


Introduce your team and tell us how it was created.

Our team was officially established in June 2016.

The real founder of our team is my own brother.

We started the game in Turkey and that's where we have been competing for the majority of the time.

However, last year and a half, we've decided to compete in Europe.

We have won championships in many tournaments.

We got our first professional success in Valiance qualifiers.

The idea of setting up the team was first to establish a good friendship with our players.

As time progressed we became a very dangerous and professional team.

Here is the list of players that are in our team right now;



not uap

Mixage -


This Kevin

Albert X


Your lineup features a lot of somewhat unknown players.

In your opinion, what allows your team to fight against some of the best in Europe?

There are many loyal players in our team.

They are not just egoists and none of them is different from most recognized players.

I'd say this is a very good advantage for us.

We have played against the very best team in Europe and we were able to beat them.

It wasn't as hard as we expected it to be and we got recognized for it.

We are working hard to be the best.

At the moment, we're in form and we want to maintain it.

What are you recent cup results and are you satisfied with it?

We have participated in multiple events lately and we achieved some great results.

Our biggest recent success is qualifying for the Team liquid event.

We are very happy about this.

In the Team Liquid Qualifiers, you managed to beat team RGN in the finals.

Can you tell us more about the games?

This is the question I'll gladly answer!

We did defeat Russian Team RGN in the finals, and I'd say this wasn't that difficult.

During the matches, we were also subjected to verbal abuse and slander by the Russian team.

At one point we were even accused of cheating, and after ESL checked all the records, we were free of the charges.

We're very satisfied with our performance here.

In your opinion, how would you rate the current European teams up to top 5?

In my opinion, at the moment, there are no "best" teams.

It all comes down to the form.

In the past, devices played a huge role, but nowadays everyone has a good one.

It's also important to mention that today it's all about the team play.

You can practice individually and improve your reflexes, but if you don't have the team game, you will lose.

This is also the reason why we see the uprising of some European teams.

What are your thoughts on the recent Critical Ops patches?

I think the recent developments in the game are not positive enough.

Before, the game was focused more toward the esports aspect, but now, it's going more toward the other direction.

Hopefully, they will see the mistakes and find the solution as soon as possible.

Something you want to say to the community?

Yes, sure!

I think some European teams think they're better than they are, and they tend to talk bad and behave unprofessionally toward other teams.

I don't think this is fair and they should change it.

Everyone needs to know their own limitations.

Work hard and be persistent and the results will come your way.

Team SVR is a prime example of that.

We’d like to thank them for answering our questions and we wish them the best of luck.

You can follow the team at - @svr_esports_gg

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