Team Reign: The new Force in Europe

April 16, 2019 17:06

Just recently, Russian team Reign managed to qualify for the Team Liquid event and are also currently having some great results in the Critical Ops League.

To learn more about this up and coming team, we decided to ask them and a couple of questions in order to get a better picture of the team.

VarS is the one answering our questions.

Introduce your lineup and tell us your players roles.

At the moment we have 8-9 skilled players and rotate them often.

The players are unluck, Liloo, Lam, Danon, pandos, lime, slana, extasey, shusha.

We haven't chosen the main 5 yet, because of the rotation.

The squad depends on the maps and players conditions at the moment.

Every player can take any role in the team.

Our team is definitely diverse and that makes us unique compared to the competition.

You managed to beat Indian Force, 3G Clan, and Vault along the way to the Grand Finals of Team Liquid Qualifier cup.

Can you tell us something about the cup?

We didn't have really hard games to play in the Team Liquid qualifiers.

We easily reached the Semifinal and then we sadly lost in the Final vs Suvari Esports.

I think that the qualifiers were a bit unorganized as there were many problems from the community regarding ESL staff.

Although, I think the tournament can be really good.

It's good that there's some not small cash tournament, especially after a short break from Valiance with C-Ops tournaments.

In the Grand Finals, you lost to SVR, even though you were able to win one of the maps.

What happened here and what's the biggest reason why you lost?

We faced SvR in the Grand Finals, but this game didn't go the way we wanted it to be, and it was also played at 3 AM.

Even though it was late, we decided to ban maps and we were waiting for the staff but nobody came.

After that, we hosted the room ourselves and we won the first map, with them winning the second one.

I was very suspicious about their gameplay, so we made a protest, but the staff didn't vote it in our favor.

10 minutes after that, we received a default loss, eliminating us from the cup.

Even with this loss, we qualified for the Team Liquid event so that didn't really hurt us a lot.

What's your opinion on the current state of the European scene and the other regions?

We believe that Critical Ops has great potential, and the European scene is now at a good level, so we looking forward to big tournaments.

Critical Ops will go where CFE leads it, so it depends on how CFE will support the competitive scene.

They should take a bit more care about this side of the game now.

Unfortunately, only the EU & SA regions look in good shape at the moment.

Other regions (NA & AS) haven't been looking that great lately.

I think that the European region is the strongest region in Critical Ops right now.

Since you qualified for Team Liquid event - what are your expectations?

Do you feel like you can achieve great results and what do you think about the teams?

All the teams that are taking part in the Team Liquid tournament are really talented and are hard opponents.

In my opinion, the hardest opponent is S2 Gaming as they got really good results last times.

All the other teams, especially Exclusive, Team Elevate & X Quadrant are also not easy to beat.

We also wish our opponents good luck in the tournament and hopefully, we can bring the audience good emotions.

If you had to describe your team with one word, what would that be?

“Russians” that’s how I can describe my team by one word :)

Anything you want to share to the community?

Thanks for our community's support.

It's so much appreciated.

Ah yes, one more thing.

The Russians are coming ;)

Team Reign certainly has things good for them at the moment.

The question is can they keep up with the momentum and achieve even greater results?

The time will only tell.

You can follow Reign at - @CopsREIGN

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