Team Exile disqualified from Valiance Summer Season

July 23, 2018 16:35

Valiance Summer Season is just around the corner and we have a news to share with you.

Sadly, we're forced to disqualify „Team Exile“ from the upcoming North American Group Stage.

The reason for that is the fact that they didn't fulfill the mandatory anti-cheat requirements for our league.

In other words, they did not upload the recordings for the match against „UPR“ in the given time.

This is what the leader of Team Exile („Thesk“) had to say about the whole ordeal;

„Sadly, this is the end of the road for Team Exile in the Summer Season.

We did everything in our power to stay in this season.

Dappuh” and I didn’t provide recordings of the game.

Dappuh” forgot to upload his recording on time and my video didn’t save.

This only led to the fair play rules by Valiance.

To all the fans, we wanted to bring a great show this summer season.

It won’t happen but, we will play during the next Valiance season.

We wish best of luck to every team playing in the group stages.“

It’s important to note as well that “Obzerps” got kicked from the team right after this, as he was the one that refused to upload his recordings from the match.

The match between team „UPR“ and „Team Exile“ will be counted as a 13-0 victory in favor of „UPR“.

They are also the one that will advance further into the competition.

Here are the teams that will play in the North American  Group Stage;

•    Gankstars

•    Hammers Esports

•    D2R

•    Impreza

•    Team Virus5

•    UPR

It's very unfortunate to see that „Team Exile“ won't be playing since they are a really promising team that has a lot of known C-OPS players.

However, rules are there for a reason and we can't make any exceptions regarding it.

We're sure they will bounce back from this and come stronger in the upcoming season.

The Group Stage is set to start on 28th of July (Saturday).

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