Team Exalt gets the win against all odds

February 5, 2019 17:37

Stunning victories do happen from time to time!

Just last week, we’ve seen a Turkish team called Team Exalt beat the favorites and secure themselves the first trophy in their Critical Ops carrier.

To find out more about this team, we reached out to them almost immediately, in order to make the interview.

One of their most prominent members Deniz is the one answering the questions.


Please introduce your team and their respective roles.

Team Exalt has 7 players.

I am about to introduce you our players and their roles:

• My nickname is (Deniz) and I’m the sniper and the rifler of the team.

xyz is our in-game leader.

Medusa is the rifler of the team.

Ocean is the entryfragger of the team.

MrTurk is the rifler and the playmaker of the team.

Reivaj is the support player and the riffler of the team.

WordlyStar is the support player and the lurker of the team.

Jewweh is the rifler of the team.

Your team mostly consists of players that are from Turkey.

Tell us a short story about how the team was made and what's the official communication language in the team.

I know most of our players for 2 years.

Xyz, Medusa, MrTurk, and I have been playing together for a long time.

We have played as teammates for a year and we’ve merged under different team names.

We always had a problem when we decide to merge but we finally coped with it.

Our team generally talks in Turkish and understand each other very well, even our new player Jewweh started to learn Turkish and we don't need him to speak English at all.

During the #6 ESL 5on5 cup, you stunned the European scene by getting the number one spot.

Along the way, you also managed to beat Kings Uprising, which features some of the strongest European players.

Can you walk us through the cup and tell us your road to the final?

For the first round, we got a default win.

Our second opponent wasn't that hard, but the third round gave us the most challenging match versus Sensei.

We started as CT but some stuff happened and our players could not focus on the game.

When we’ve got the problems fixed, we were losing 10-3 and we made a comeback.

We focused and coordinated very well.

The match against Reign ended up being somewhat similar, but once again we prevailed.

Reign is a really good team, I congratulate them once more for putting up a good show against us.

And the last match before final was against Eternity.

The problems never stopped happening, like family issues, slow internet but despite everything, we finally made it to the final.

Kings Uprising has really good players but in the Grand Finals, we had way better team play and were just playing more harmonized compared to them.

I'd say the biggest reason for this success is the fact that we know each other for a long time.

I also believe that this might just be the beginning for us.

What do you think allowed you to beat Kings Uprising in the finals and did you expect such an outcome?

As I stated before, the fact that we played for a very long time, helped us a tone in that match.

If we keep playing like this, I'd say we can achieve way more than we have done so far.

About the outcome, yes, we were expecting such results.

If you had to describe your team with one sentence, what would that be?

“It’s better to have a great team than a team of greats.”

Looking at the European Critical Ops, It's safe to say that there is plenty of the competition right now.

How would you rate your team compared to the rest of the scene?

I would rate Team Exalt 9 out of 10.

What team do you think is the strongest in Europe right now and why?

I find Dynasty very successful and I think they are pretty good with their team play and getting on well with each other.

Goals for the upcoming period.

Our goal is keeping our communication and our team play strong at all times.

I think this is the most necessary key to win.

Also, we are hoping to get placed in tournaments and show our team ability more.

Something you want to tell to the Critical Ops community?

Many thanks to all who supported Team Exalt, our supporters really cheer us up and make us believe in ourselves more.

If you want to be a part of our community, here is Team Exalt’s discord server link: Discord Link

Team Exalt seems to have everything going for them.

They’re playing together as a team for a long time, and they seem to enjoy it.

Who knows, this might be the win that’s going to propel to stardom!

You can follow Team Exalt at - @RealTeamExalt

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