Team EoN enters the European C-OPS scene

February 7, 2019 12:37

European Critical Ops scene has been growing at a rapid pace.

Team EoN might not be the flashiest name out there, but they definitely have some notable players that we’ve seen perform well in the past.

Right now, they’re trying to establish themselves as the force in the region by looking to participate in the ESL cups.

To learn more about the team itself and their goals, we talked with WuKi.


Tell us who's representing your team at the moment, and what is the role of each player in the team.

Our roster consists of the following players :

Senzor (Lurker & Captain)

Fierce (IGL)

Panda (Support)

Camo (Entry Fragger)

Syx (Entry/Suport)

Drax (Sniper )

Cyrren (Support/Entry)

Nitro (Support)

Hades (Support)

How long have you been playing together and give a short story about how your team was created.

EoN was created in August last year by a group of players who wanted to play together and reach the top.

We were around for about 4 months, represented Team Viral during that time and won some big and known community tourneys such as LLE.

We disbanded in November due to players taking a break /leaving and now we are back, with new faces in our lineup.

Your team does seem to have several experienced players in the roster, which have represented top tier teams like S2 Gaming, Elevate and Kings Uprising in the past.

How important is to have such players in your team and do they have the other with the skillset they have?

All of our players come from tier 1 or tier 2 teams and they are for sure experienced, which is, of course, a benefit.

We have Senzor who comes from Kings Uprising, Nitro who used to play for Elevate, Drax who used to play for CsPG in the Asian scene, and so on, including Fierce and Panda who come from Exclusive, a team that had a lot of potentials to be the best but disbanded recently.

Talk to us about your recent results in the ESL cups.

EoN was remade a few days ago, so we didn't get the chance to play ESL as a team since we came back, although we have players who won ESL cups with their previous teams.

The European scene is looking more stacked than ever.

What's the main reason behind this in your opinion and how would you rate the current scene?

It is looking stacked indeed.

We aren't the only old team that came back.

I would say the EU scene currently has about 10 good teams that can compete with each other and depending on the day, anyone can take the win.

Would you say your team is within the top 5 teams in Europe right now?

We believe we are a top 5 team judging by our line-up, however, we still have to build more chemistry which we already started doing.

We are happy of the way things are going at the moment, we are practicing a lot every day and we see a lot of potential in the team .

Hopefully our hard work will pay off in the upcoming Valiance.

In your opinion, which team is the number one in Europe?

Hard to say at the moment, like I said the scene seems pretty stacked and there is more competition than before.

What aspect of the game is your team currently lacking the most?

We are trying to work more on the way we execute certain starts.

Still have to improve our coordination and gain a bit more synergy, which I have no doubt we will.

Goals for the upcoming period?

Our main goal at the moment is participating in Valiance Group Stages.

Once we reach that, we will do our best in order to win the whole thing.

Something you want to say to your fans?

To our fans, we thank you for your support and we will continue to make you guys proud.

With so many good teams forming up and trying to improve, making any sort of predictions is getting really hard.

By the looks of it, Team EoN has a lot going for them, but ultimately, it’s all up to the players to make it work.

We wish them the best of luck in the future cups!

You can follow Team EoN at - @EoNFTW

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