Team Elevate merges with Team Vault

January 7, 2019 17:52

During the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational, Team Elevate didn’t really perform up to their standards.

Recently, in order to bolster their lineup, they’ve decided to merge together with Team Vault.

To see the reasons behind all this, we sat down with their team manager – Moony.

Here it goes!

Just a few days ago, you decided to merge together with Team Vault and form a bit different lineup.

Can you tell us which players will be representing your team and their respective roles?

This is how our team looks likes;

Strong Entry/Sniper

Osynt Lurk/ Support

Alles Entry/Rifler

Quaredy Entry/Support

Laithy Rifler/Support

Flopz Rifler/Support

In the Grand Finals, Dynasty proved to be too hard for you, as you finished the cup on the second place.

Would you say Dynasty is just too good of a team right now in the European scene?

The team was still freshly formed and at the time Strong and Quaredy had recently left Dynasty.

Although many of the players have played with others in the past, the team still had to build the chemistry that was lost.

Dynasty overall is definitely a force to be reckoned with and we will look forward to facing them in more practice games and tournaments.

In the second Critical Ops 5on5 ESL Open Cup, you've managed to reach the Grand Finals by beating up and coming to European Team - Kings Uprising.

Can you tell us more about this match and your general thoughts on Kings Uprising as a team?

All of us at Elevate went into the match feeling pretty confident in our ability.

We really were in a good state of mind and most of the match came naturally.

Although we definitely believe Kings Uprising is not a team to be taken lightly by any means this set of matches, in particular, weren't so much of a stress dealer.

Overall a good set of matches for us.

What are your general thoughts about the European scene right now - is the difference between the top team and the lesser now teams too big?

Elevate and I believe there is still lots of competition to be had in the European scene.

The recent revival of Legacy and the upbringing of Exclusive has many heads turning and excited to see what's to come of them in the next coming months.

Not to mention the still formidable teams still around like Kings Uprising, Dynasty, S2 Gaming and ourselves that are making sure you the viewers get high-quality match gameplay and keep the game interesting to watch.

This all equates to my peers and I seeing the European scene as stable and growing at the moment.

Can you tell us what is different within the team now that you decided to join forces together with Elevate?

I wouldn't say that anything has changed drastically.

The only major change was the language and how players talked to each other in voice calls, but that was easily managed and overcome over by the players.

The arrival of new recent talent like Alles and Laithy helped to make this merge beneficial.

Do you believe this lineup can do way more than the previous Elevate one since we've seen them exit the Critical Ops Autumn Invitational already in the Quarterfinals?

We wouldn't consider it as a failure.

Our loss was something expected due to the major roster shuffles just a few days before Valiance and the lack of chemistry between the players.

The current lineup has been doing really well and we are looking forward to the Valiance Winter season.

Well just like every other team, our goal is to win this season and at least put a good show up.

Tell us your team goals for the next events.

An upcoming event we are definitely looking forward to competing in is the Valiance Winter Season.

It is undisputed biggest stage in Critical Ops at the moment and is certainly the tournament you want your team to show up in.

We have been training hard for this event and we can't wait to see how we stack up against the games best teams.

Anything you wish to say to your fans?

I'd like to thank all our fans for being such amazing people and constantly supporting us through social media and our discord servers!

Also a big shout-out to our Assistant Manager in Team Elevate for helping me write the majority of these answers for this interview, and the entire Elevate Squad.

Lastly, follow us on all social media and feel free to stop by our discord server!

We're definitely the team you want to keep your eye on in these coming months!

Elevate is now looking really solid, and we’d say that the sky is the limit.

Their victory in the ESL CUP 2 days ago is a proof of that.

What do you think about their new lineup?

Does it look promising?

Let us know down in the comments below.

You can follow Team Elevate at - @TeamElevate_iOS

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