Team Dynasty will represent Vision Gaming at C-OPS LAN

June 20, 2018 15:48

Last week, Vision Gaming announced the acquisition of Team Dynasty, and they will be representing the organization at the first ever Critical Ops LAN event.

Like most of the teams, Vision Gaming also had to make some roster changes for the tournament.

Here are the players that will battle it out at the event:

•    Abz

•    Angel

•    Adjure

•    Cheerio

•    Kuba

We talked with Angel (team’s captain) about them joining the new organization, their preparation for the event and their expectations among other things.

Enjoy the interview!

In Critical Ops Spring Invitational you surprised everyone by eliminating Nova Esports in the quarterfinals.

Were you also surprised by how the match played out?

In the Spring Invitational, we kind of knew how Nova Esports was playing on certain maps and developed strategies and playstyles to counter them.

We were not really surprised considering that back in Kings Uprising we always beat them in the previous seasons.

Even though they managed to beat Elevate shortly before they disbanded we were confident.

The first match was not close at all.

We had a couple of clutch situations in which we came out on top, but other than that nothing special happened.

The second match was much closer and a lot more interesting. In the end, we won 13-12.

Later on you lost to Team Elevate in the semifinals, where you acquired just 9 rounds on both maps combined.

What was the biggest issue in this match for your team?

Going into the game against Elevate we knew that it will be hard to beat them, especially because we had to use substitutes, which haven‘t had a lot of practice.

Besides that, I think we just played really bad.

A few days ago, it was announced that you were acquired by Vision Gaming.

Why did you decide to join this organization and is this just for the LAN event?

First of all, I think that we all benefit from organizations entering the scene, no matter how big or influential they are.

With the upcoming LAN event, it is even more important to have organizations represented at the event.

We also were looking for an organization and Vision Gaming made a good offer.

Even if the team will not represent the organization forever we came to the conclusion that working together is beneficial for every party involved.

How long we will stay with Vision Gaming is not yet decided, but it is definitely longer than just for this event.

Do you receive any benefits from the organization?

We do benefit from the partnership, but all the details are confidential unfortunately.

What changes have you made for this LAN event?

The roster for this LAN event is not the main roster we will have in online tournaments after the event.

Due to some players being unavailable at the time of the event, we were forced to find stand-ins to have 5 players for the event.

Concerning our online roster we have recently offered "Grizz" to join our team, but if he will stay and be able to play is not sure yet.

If "Grizz" is able to play with us in future tournaments I expect him to do what he always does - kill his opponents.

How is your team preparing for the event and have you adapted your playstyle for it?

We were practicing as much as possible in the past weeks.

My own and the team‘s playstyle stayed the same though.

Does anyone on your team have any experience playing in the offline environment or this is the first time for all of you?

Noone in the team has ever been to any gaming events like this.

A lot of great teams are playing at the LAN event.

Who do you see as the toughest opponent and why?

The toughest opponent out of all the teams would probably be Hammers and GankStars and from our group Nova Esports.

They all have great players and the first two have stuck together for a long time and proved what they can do.

What place would satisfy you and are you feeling any pressure as the event approaches?

My first goal is to advance to the Semi-Finals.

I will not set my goals any higher for now. I will probably feel the pressure shortly before we play, but for now I am relaxed.

Anything you wish to say to your fans, the teams you will meet at the event or haters?

Don‘t forget to watch it live on the 23rd and 24th.

GLHF to all teams playing.

Vision Gaming is looking like a formidable team and they definitely have the potential to pull off some upsets.

We can't wait to see them play at the event and we wish them best of luck!

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