Surprise of the European Group Stage - Team Throne

August 20, 2018 15:17

Not so long ago, Team Throne decided to leave Team Viral and get back to their roots.

Right now, they are the top team of the European Group Stage, even though they did lose one of their matches.

To find out what's been going on with the team, we had a chat with the team manager – Smokey.

Enjoy the interview!

Before we talk about your performance, could you tell us why you have decided to rebrand as team Throne?

Yes, of course, we decided to rebrand as Throne after leaving our ex-organization (Team Viral).

There are plenty of reasons why we decided to leave, but the most important reason was that we didn't receive so much support as we hoped.

We expected decent support from our organization like sponsored iPads or salaries but TeamViral wasn't able to provide these things to us and that's why we left.

In the first week of the Valiance Summer Season, you defeated one of the stronger teams in the region - SetToDestroyX."FX-7" led the charge On Grounded.

Can you tell us more about this match and the reason behind your great Terrorist side?

This match went as expected.

We were really well prepared for StDx since we analyzed them on Grounded and trained a lot in scrims as well.

Even though we lost both pistol rounds, we managed to win the rounds where everyone bought up.

Also, back then we didn't have a lot of internal problems which led to the team being very confident.

During the game, we realized very quickly that StDx can’t respond to our hard a pushes that's why we abused them pretty often.

Team Legacy was your opponent in the second week on Legacy. In this match you had a really strong Counter-Terrorist side, winning the match 13-7.

Did you expect this match to be tougher than it was?

To be honest we were a bit afraid of Team Legacy since they nearly made a comeback versus Team Elevate on Canals one week earlier.

Unlike in the first match against StDx, our internal problems began to show in this one since we removed nearly half of the players from the roster.

Also "Loxii" was kicked off the team and this made the team feel very unsure how we would perform.

In the end, we still showed a great game and took the win home.

After that, you ended up losing to Team Elevate, but due to Elevate using ineligible accounts, you got the win.

What's the biggest reason why you lost this match and what would you do differently if you’d face Elevate again on the same map?

The match versus Team Elevate on Legacy was a bit surprising since Grounded was planned but the enemy captain "Osynt" messaged us at Sunday 12 pm-midnight to re-ban the maps.

That's why all our tactics and practice were pretty much useless so we weren't well prepared for the match.

I also think we lost this match because our players were afraid of facing such a top team.

Our team isn't used to this pressure since this is our first appearance in the Group Stage.

We couldn't really focus on the match and were scared to push into the sites.

Since the match versus Team Legacy and Team Elevate were on the same day we once again had internal problems with the team.

I think if we would face Elevate on Legacy again, we would have to be more confident and try to be more aggressive on both CT and T side.

During the third week, you played S2 Gaming (ex- Nova eSports) where you had the lead for the majority of the game.

Your biggest lead was 11-5. However you eventually lost the game 11:13.

How come you were not able to close out this game and can you walk us through it?

We had a pretty good CT side in the match versus S2 Gaming, but the problems started on T side.

The first rounds were looking good for us, but at some point, we became too overconfident and lost important aim duels or clutch situations.

This brought us to a point where everyone was nervous.

I also think one problem we had was the communication.

Some players were raging about round losses and that pretty much destroyed the mood of the team and was also one factor why we weren't able to close out the game.

It was also a really unusual game since S2 Gaming had 7 players in the match and „ReST“ and „Thierry“ probably wanted their own team to win, which is understandable but still a disadvantage for us.

You are now 1st in the European rankings.

Are you satisfied with your performance so far and who do you see as the biggest threat in the remaining matches?

Of course, it's something amazing to be the nr.1 in the Group Stages.

Vision Gaming is going to be the hardest opponent since they have won 3 out of 3 matches and are currently looking very strong.

However,  after seeing them nearly choking versus StDx, we're confident we will be able to surprise them.

How would you rate your chances of advancing to the playoffs?

Since we have won 3 games already, we will end up at least 2nd in the Group Stages and advance to the playoffs.

We are currently just waiting for the 3rd and 4th place since that's very close right now.

Is there anything you want to share with the community?

Yes, we want to thank our fans for the support it makes everyone in the team stronger, especially after the heartbreaking loss of "ReST" and "Thierry".

The team is currently in a very bad state but we are also very excited to announce 3 new players after Valiance Summer Season and present the world a new and better Throne.

Also, I'd like to thank Valiance for making this interview possible!

Team Throne has shown some great Critical Ops so far and we hope they’ll overcome their difficulties and continue to deliver.

We wish them best of luck for the rest of the season.

You can follow Team Throne at - @ThroneUp

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